What do you find more effective...articles or blog commenting?

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I've been on the fence for this topic for quite some time now and I wanted to get the thoughts of others before I made my mind up.

I've read up a bit and heard that article marketing is the vast majority of what a lot of folks do on here.

But then I've read that people using blog commenting a lot of the forum....do you guys tend to mix it up with sprinkling a few links from both sources or do you lean towards one more than the other?
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    I have one site that is driven primarily by articles and another that is primarily blogs and a couple more that are forum comment driven (from forums that allow signature links).

    On all three, I use a mixture of links. In otherwords, I may use 30 articles, 5 blog comments and two dozen social book marks on one site. Another may have 20 forum comments, 3 articles, 6 blog comments and 40 bookmarks.
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      All done in a days work. You get good traffic from forums..I think articles are more effective for traffic and blogs for backlinks
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    blog commenting is effective if the blog has alot of traffic and authority
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    I would definitely prefer to have articles rather than going for blog commenting
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    Articles on my own site are the most effective for me. I have a good pagerank (6) so my articles automatically get traffic assuming I write something people are searching for.
    It is okay to contact me! I have been developing software since 1999, creating many popular products like phpLD.
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