How can i make money from adSense?

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I want to add adSense on my website and make some money . Can one guide me on this ?
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    Originally Posted by bioinfosachin View Post

    I want to add adSense on my website and make some money . Can one guide me on this ?


    If you have a reasonable amount of traffic, simply add adsense to your site in a way which you desire, and see how much money you earn from the get-go. Take a look around the 'net for Adsense optimization tips, but bear in mind that nothing is set in stone. What works best for one website may not work best for yours. If you can, a 336x280 square ad block in the top left of your main content area on each page might be a good place to start.

    This is assuming you have enough traffic to begin with.


    Identify a niche you are interested in or can write about.

    Do keyword research to determine what keywords you can rank for in the short term (ones with low-strength first-page Google competition), and in the longer term (ones with higher-strength first-page Google competition). Using a keyword tool such as Market Samurai - which has an excellent "SEO Competition" analysis function - would be helpful and greatly speed up this process.

    Check your chosen (and related) keywords using SpyFu in an attempt to determine if there is a sufficient number of well-paying advertisers for your chosen niche.

    If there is, write a content for your website pertaining to the keyword phrase(s) you've identified and wish to rank for, and begin backlinking to get that page in the top 5 spots of Google.

    Make sure your site is optimized for Adsense clicks as best as you can without breaking the Terms of Service, but dont sacrifice user experience too much, because Google probably does take into consideration the immediate feel of your website when doing a quick manual review (which is likely to happen at some stage, especially when you begin earning a decent amount of cash from Adsense on a daily basis).

    Rinse and repeat.



    It can be and often is that simple to begin earning from Adsense, but of course there are more things to take into conseration when it comes to not just beginning to receive clicks - but also maximising your earnings - with the Adsense system.

    The main thing is, read the Terms of Service a few times (and let it all sink in), to ensure that none of the adsense placements or site promotion tactics you're using are against their rules. You need to have a clear understanding of what is accepted by Google and what is not.

    If you haven't yet began earning from adsense, then it's really pointless attempting to detail the more of advanced intricacies of making good money from it, but that can be learned once you've got it set up and have starting point from which to test, measure and tweak your work/sites.
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    What you have to do first is to add at least 4 useful contents to your site and after that, you now apply for adsense.

    After you must have applied, you now wait for like a day or two for google to approve your application and send you an email on how to paste your adsense code on your account. But while pasting the adsense code, you have to choose 336x280 and paste it at the top left of your content in every page of your website so that it will be able to attract attention to your visitors.

    Again,for you to earn money from adsense, you need traffic which is the key to success in every online business. You have to join forums, submit your articles at article directories, visit blogs that are related to your niche and post a comment while leaving your link underneath, and also join social bookmarking sites to be able to get quality backlinks. With these strategies, you will be able to get huge traffic which can be converted to huge adsense earnings.
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    I think you've to learn a lot about Adsense and PPC.
    Just google for "adsense tips".
    Also, find a lot more about adsense from my blog: Adsense
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        Good answer above but you do have to apply and be approved for an adsense account - assume you know that but it wasn't mentioned.
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    Yeah the large rectangles do very well - just put a couple in the body of your content, plus a smaller ad block at the bottom of the page.

    Don't bother with the sidebar ads - just put all you navigation and links there.
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    For sure guide, search it in google and you can find some good ebooks for adsense.
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      I want to second belland's advice and recommend that you get a good course on adsense. Xfactors course is well thought of and there is a huge thread about it on the forum.

      Secondly, with adsense you must have patience. It's not a quick moneymaker. It will take months unless you already have alot of traffic.
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    Everybody has mentioned traffic, but nobody has really spelled it out: AdSense is basically traffic brokering. First you lure visitors to your site with content, either via social networking or (more often) organic SEO, then you show them ads that appeal to their interests and make them want to click.

    DireStraights' has provided a nice overview, but for a really in-depth read I'd suggest Joel Comms free "Adsense Secrets" ebook ( and the now legendary XFactor thread on this forum -

    If this post has been helpful please click the "thanks" button ;-)

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    read ebook on adsense, work on quality content and quality traffic...
    Get Script, eBook, Clone, Themes & Software in VERY CHEAP PRICE...
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    Quality content, solid SEO and marketing and the rest will take care of itself...
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    You can try setting up a bunch of auto blogs and see what happens. You need to optimize your titles and get set up with syndicate kahuna. Good luck! Let me know how it goes. Oh and you can also try word press robot. This software creates automatic content for you. I am still experimenting with auto blogging, but I think it's easiest way to make money with adsense.
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