Is to much Adsense possible?

by becks
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Good evening warriors,

Interesting question just occurred to me. I am new into Adsense, maybe 1 or 2 months I have been playing around with it on my blog. My question is this - is it possible to have too much Adsense on a blog. I think that it is beginning to look like an Adsense site. Also can to much hurt my PR rank.
  • Google does specify the maximum number of ads you can place on a page.. I believe the maximum ads is 3 and then you can add link units on top of that but check their guidelines to make sure.
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    Yes, I believe Google guidelines are 3 ads and 1 or 2 link units and 1 or 2 search boxes. Although, check with Google first.

    Thank you
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  • You may do just as well with 1 or 2 ads only.
    I have study web affiliates for years and the only way to turn a website into big money is to create a huge amount of incoming internet traffic, and that can take years I don't waste time with adsense,there's much faster ways to get rich in my own opinion.
    I do think a website can be a great place to sell products, that you mail off yourself. But I hope you do well with your adsense selling, you'll need to draw a lot of Internet traffic just to make a few bucks on average.BUt maybe your the guy to do it !! Good luck.
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    Probably is a point where there is too much.

    The more important issue is the position and layout and to find the one that suits your site and test test test.
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    Too much ads can hurt your credibility.Have you read the "Adsense Secrets" ebook by Joel Comm? I recommend reading it, you will get loads of tips.It should be free nowadays.
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    If you put the maximum ads on the page it looks spammy and Google will more then likely ban the site. Stick with 1 or two adblocks and you will be fine.
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    Thank you all for the help! I am going to check the TOS with Google to see what they have to say about it, but you guys have given me the idea. Adsense is not an easy way to make money, but I am still having fun playing around with it.

    I cannot post my link although I wish that I could. I have a handyman site where I give free advice and then look to sell the products that they need. The reason that I had so much Adsense was because I have such a diverse range of keywords - one day it is plumbing and one day it is bifold doors. I just figured that diverse Adsense might appeal to a wide range of readers.

    Thank you again for all of your help!

    the Online Handyman

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    just use 1 or 2 adsense blocks above the page fold it works every time.

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      Personally I don't use adsense anymore because I do a lot of affiliate marketing on my sites and adsense ads take the visitor away from my main objective which is to sell the affiliate product, which makes more for me than adsense does. Too much clutter on your website or blog can become confusing & makes things hard to find for your visitors. The marketers who do use adsense only use up to three ads and they are usually tiny ads that sit off to the side of their sites. Hopefully this helps.
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    2 is ok. Too many of it will affect your site creadibility. There are other ways to make money if adsense is not working fine.
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    A lot of visitors are turned off by seeing too many ads. So adsense limits aside, it really isn't a good idea to have so many!
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    People like you forced google to limit the use of adsense ... lollzz ... They are giving 3 to every option. Link or Text - you can use maximum 3 ones.

    And do try to cross it as well ...

    Best of luck.
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