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Howdy all,

Found something today that I have to share.

I work with several credit card companies and while doing research I discovered that several of them are nice enough to provide free credit card logos.
Heck, they even have the code for the web developer to copy and past into their site.

Doh!!! this code displays the logos alright BUT it also places a link back to there site!!!

So I did a search on Credit Card Logos. The first site to come up is Credit Card Logos & Images. So off I go to look and see.

They are doing the same thing except the promoted company is a law office. In fact if you refresh they are promoting several law offices, the code changes with a refresh.

So I took one of these law office sites and did a back link check on it to see who all was linking to them. I opened a page at random
Black Time Travel Alarm Clock - 4913408

and sure enough at the bottom there are the credit card logos with a link right back to the law office.

I thought this was cool and slippery at the same time. Definitely worth sharing, who knows it might spawn a few ideas.

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    This is another take on the 'web award' and blog widget/theme tactic that people have been employing for years.

    Still, I'd be interested to know if these law offices actually have a legal right to distribute what must surely be copyrighted and trademarked images?!

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