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I can't remember the name of it, but there has been a host recommended on here, something like SEOhost.com? or something like that. I need to buy another domain to build a new site for my niche and I would like to try someone different. Preferably someone who has hosting that (somehow) is "better" for SEO. Any idea?
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    An SEO Host would be one that offers you multiple class C or better IPs...

    Hostgator I guess runs this one: SEO Hosting - SEO Web Hosting with cPanel and Multiple Class C IP Addresses which is probably the one you are talking about.

    And I have heard some descent things about this place: SEO Hosting ? SEO Web Hosting - Multiple IP Hosting - Multiple DNS Hosting

    But do not have any personal experience with either. We just have some dedicated servers with multiple IPs... And several shared hosting accounts.
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      The Hostgator site is pretty good but IMO expensive. I used to use them but I switched to
      Go Pro with SEO Hosting

      They appear to be the best price and I have not had any issues with them.

      These hosting companies specialize in allowing you to have multiple IP on different class C's. There are several reasons for this but I use it for boosting my SEO clients.

      I host the main site on one of my servers then build satellite sites that have value add for the content that is in the same field representative of my clients. These site then have links or ads that link back to my clients main page. Because these sites are in the same industry or niche as my client's main site and because they are:
      1) on a different class C IP block
      2) are on different registrars
      3) appear to be owned by different owners

      they provide excellent backlinks and even good user referral sites for my clients.

      NOTE the down fall of these hosting type companies is they do not allow much space on these accounts.

      Now if you are looking for a company to just host a few extra domains then I would look at HostGator or JustHost.com

      These are good cPanel hosting companies that will give you good bang for your buck.

      I hope this helps,

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    i don't thing if you host your site SEOhost.com ...it will be good.. you just needed dedicated IP...with good domain name...thats all..where ever you want you can host your domain.
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    You can go for gaining your domin name from hostgator,godaddy,gomammy,gosun.com and some another sites it may help you but you should go with google search and contact the authority directly.
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      Is it really necessary as long as you don't interlink to your own sites ?

      I think SEO hosting is over-hyped !
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        Originally Posted by SledgeHammer View Post

        Is it really necessary as long as you don't interlink to your own sites ?

        I think SEO hosting is over-hyped !

        I think that's the entire point of SEO Hosting, so you can interlink the sites and mask it.
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        Originally Posted by SledgeHammer View Post

        Is it really necessary as long as you don't interlink to your own sites ?

        I think SEO hosting is over-hyped !
        It is necessary if you run a lot of low quality MFA or thin affiliate sites that are liable to be banned. Once Google detects and ban a site for whatever reason, it quite often exmines the rest of the sites on that ip.

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          Google bans sites for a whole host of reasons.

          Being interlinked on the same IP will not get you banned.

          That is the biggest myth going so far.

          People do stupid things for stupid reasons, that are against
          google policies. That will get you banned.

          Where this nonsense about not interlinking sites on the same IP
          started, I have no idea.

          And then we have to add a class c server to boot.

          Come on people. Think logically!

          Look at the big sites. What class servers are they on?

          Are they interlinked?

          If you think you are going to shmooze google by going multiple
          class c, you are sadly misinformed.


          If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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    I am so glad to hear you say that Paul - it never did make sense to me that you couldn't make relevant links between your own sites.
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    Hostgator is excellent - been with them for 2+ years. Look for coupons to make their hosting dirt cheap and be sure to activate gzip so Google sees your site's running super fast.

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    What can happen with your IP?

    Well if you run emails out of it and they get labeled spam, then the IP of your server can go on a blacklist and cause a series of problems, which can usually be remedied with a submission of apologies and toning the emailing down.

    You will not have all the sites on your IP address banned if one gets banned. That would be disastrous for shared hosting plans because other people who host on that server would be harmed, and it's a strong measure to take.

    What really happens?

    Your LINK PROFILE is devalued. In short, all link juice from that same IP address gets severely cut, potentially harming one of the most important factors in your search rankings.
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    I think hostgator and bluevoda are both good SEO hosts. Host gator has free SEO tools and packages within the control panel. Blue voda has tactics as well. They also have great training videos. I hope this helps.
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    There are good SEO hosting providers that offer geographically diverse hosting packages:
    • Multiple IP’s on Class C’s
    • Multiple DNS
    • Multiple locations
    • Although, some SEO web hosting plans are expensive when compared to other hosting plans, if you do your research, read reviews and look at the popular web hosting companies, you are sure to find an affordable SEO hosting package.
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    For beginners, nobody come close to the $25 reseller account offerred by Hostnine. It satisfies all the criteria specified by SEO Company above.

    Do not get between a wombat and a chocolate biscuit; you will regret it dearly!

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      Originally Posted by CashClown View Post

      Is SEOHosting the cheapest host for having multiple IP addresses?
      True you do get multiple IP addresses but they are not dedicated, they are shared.

      I just joined and just found that out.
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    SEo ip address are good to go .?
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    Is anyone familiar with this one? They look good (great sales page) but are pretty expensive. I have searched and can't find much about them pro or con.

    SEO Hosting ? SEO Web Hosting - Multiple Class C IP Hosting
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      FusionHost.com offer a free dedicated IP with every account and a free domain name. They are also very cheap.

      I have been hosting with them for a long time and they are great.
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        SEO Hosting Reviews offers honest and informative information regarding hosting companies that offer SEO Hosting services. SEO Hosting is the best foundation for any SEO company and/or an individual web site owner wanting to build the perfect seo infrastructure starting from the ground up.
        SEO Hosting Services include: Class C & Class B IP diversity, Geographic IP Diversity and an overall blazing fast hosting infrastructure so your sites load extremely fast.
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