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Hi guys,

I thought I'd share with you my experience with OnlyWire.com. For those of you that don't know it is a social bookmarking tool of sorts. In theory you do one submission and it will make posts to all your social bookmarking (and similar sites) such as digg.com, delicious.com.

I know there are a few of these sites out there, but I've seen OnlyWire.com recommend in a number of places and I came across it over 6 months ago.

Well, initially I did what probably most folks do with these services. I took the frontpage sell text literally 'OnlyWire automates the submission of your status and website links to 43 top social media sites.'

I just hit the button, and kaboom, there I was linked on all these fantastic social sites. Great!

Well of course, that didn't exactly turn out to be the case. I noticed initially off the bat that there were quite a few submissions to sites that consistently failed. The software engineering developer skeptic in me also wondered if
a) Just because it says certain links have been successful, it doesn't necessarily mean they have been successful.
b) What if the social bookmarking site just does not show up in their submission list? There are so many afterall (43), it would be easy to miss them when looking at what has been submitted.
c) What if the profiles I had created on these social media sites were set to private mode, so linking to them was next to useless?

I found that all 3 of the above were true. I also found that there are a number of social sites that while not broken themselves, the connection between onlywire.com and them seem to be currently broken. I want to start relying on a few tools in my SEO efforts, and I want to make sue what I use works so I followed up their customer service and was pleased to get a reply quickly. However, they just told me that they are working on the problems and initially offered no immediate timeline for a fix.

So, I guess with all these services. The lesson is never take the 'turn key/just add water/easy as 1,2,3' approach for granted. I still think OnlyWire.com is a great service, it just doesn't live up to the lofty expectations set out on the front page. Make no mistake, it is a lot faster to do it this way than submitting manually.

I didn't submit to absolutely every service, but I ended up attempting to submit to about 29 services, give or take. Here is generally what happened when I tried to post:

ask.com (FAIL: No possibility right now to create an account with ask.com, so couldn't even try)
blinklist.com (FAIL: Won't submit from onlywire.com)
bookmarks.yahoo.com (OK)
bookmarksync.com (FAIL: Was offered as a bookmarking service early in August, then just vanished off onlywire.com's list)
brightkite.com (FAIL: Won't submit from onlywire.com)
buzz.yahoo.com (FAIL: Won't submit from onlywire.com)
delicious.com (FAIL: Won't submit from onlywire.com)
digg.com (OK)
diigo.com (OK)
faves.com (FAIL: Won't submit from onlywire.com)
friendfeed.com (FAIL: friendfeed.com seems to not be accepting new registrations, have to look into deeper)
google bookmarks (OK: Had to setup a public list though, default bookmarks appear to become private with no choice, so have to manually login to change this)
identi.ca (OK)
jumptags.com (OK: Had to set profile to public)
lifestream.aol.com (OK)
linkagogo.com (OK: Had to set profile to public)
mister-wong.com (OK)
mixx.com (FAIL: Won't submit from onlywire.com)
multiply.com (OK)
plurk.com (OK)
posterous.com (FAIL: Won't submit from onlywire.com)
propeller.com (OK)
reddit.com (OK)
scribd.com (FAIL: Won't submit from onlywire.com)
simpy.com (FAIL: Last time I checked their site was down)
spurl.com (OK)
stumbleupon.com (FAIL: Won't submit from onlywire.com)
tumblr.com (OK)
twitter.com (OK)

So, all in all from the above I see only 16 sites out of 29 (65%) that work, and this was after I had to resubmit a few and double check everything that took hours.

I also tried to ping each of my profiles on the above successful social bookmarking sites. I thought I'd try pingler.com. But I found I could only submit 5 URL's a day. Anybody got any better ideas for pinging? Or anything else I should do to get the max link juice for the above bookmarks?

Any other comments on onlywire.com? Is there another service that you feel is better? Would love to hear it!

Also, if you have any other questions, feel free to let me know.
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    Thanks for sharing this, I usually manually "stumble" my back links then use onlywire for the rest

    I do notice a couple of them you have to go back in and hit re-submit for them to work - I will have to check tonight as I am sure some of mine that don't fail fail for you and vice versa
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      thanks for the test, 65% is not a bad pass rate considering most mediocre automation software hovers around that range
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        For a while I used a similar tool called SocialMarker. Similar results. Poor customer service. Broken links. System hangs. No return of support emails.

        Programmers create a tool, offer it for free, cannot figure out a way to monetize it, give up and the tool starts breaking down with nobody interested in fixing it.

        Anyway, I now do my bookmarking manually. I don't submit to all. For one product / page, I submit to just five or six. Even that I submit revised summaries so there is no fear of duplicate content. It works.

        Just my 2 cents.

        Webmaster at Interloper.com - an e-commerce site about specialty ISA computers. I earn my livelihood from the internet so I am always keen on learning new things or looking for a new wrinkle on an existing method.

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    There's a lot of free services that will submit your links to other sites. The problem is if the link is a redirect. One example of this is Ping.fm. Sure you can blast your link to other sites easily, but the links have no value since they're not direct.
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      How much URLs am i allowed to submit to Onlywire for one day?
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        Originally Posted by Boris_yo View Post

        How much URLs am i allowed to submit to Onlywire for one day?
        Think you can submit as many as you like with them.
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          Iam familiar with onlywire. Yes it is a good service for the sites it works with. However onlywire may be a thing of the past now with RSS feeds.

          I Now use my blogs rss feed to feed my post and content to such properties as facebook ,twitter , google reader , igoogle , My yahoo, My Msn and other web and soical sites.

          Not all Social and 2.0 properties have it where you can insert your RSS feed .. RSS feeds are much more Reliable than the onlywire submitter. RSS feed transmissions are normally 100% of the time transmitted.

          Soon Hopefully we can do away with only wire one day soon!

          I recommend running your blogs rss feed thourgh feed burner first and then use the feed burner url to insert for your feed into your social and 2.0 properties

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        Originally Posted by Boris_yo View Post

        How much URLs am i allowed to submit to Onlywire for one day?
        I have heard you don't want more than a couple of day . I try to stick with that. You can adjust all those variables within the plugin. I would not be to spammy..

        Be sure to read my post below on RSS feeds . You should be using these were you can.
        You got some knowledge i want !!!! Get up with me I will fill you in....

        Stephen G
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          Same experience with onlywire here. Given up on it now.

          Pinging directly is no problem. Using pingomatic, icerocket or alternatively pingler unlimited times a day. Strange you say you can only do 5...

          About social bookmarking,... what I do is selecting a few high ranking sites such as mister wong, folkd and such and submit per bookmark button directly from my browser. worls like a charm. these sites offer those buttons to be integrated in your browser for free.

          Page rank wise,... mister wong has a PR of 8 Jusr recently they switched to nofollow yet their links show up nonetheless.
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    I had the same problems with OnlyWire and I gave up using it.
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