what is better, hyphens or no hyphens?

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For Seo purposes, does it matter if I use hyphens in domain name? Example how-to-something d0t com or howtosomthing d0t com? Does it make a difference for ranking?

Thanks in advance
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    With hyphens looks more like spam, the domain itself is worth less.

    But, in terms of google rankings using 1 or 2 hyphens does not matter anything. Though personally I only go for domains without a hyphen
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    You should go for no hyphens if you can.

    I don't agree with nossie that if you are using 1 or 2 hyphens it has no effect. I think it does and you should go for a domain with no hyphens in my opinion.
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    In my experience, it is more better to have no hyphens than to have it.
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    From my experience, hyphens don't effect SEO. I've had domains with and without hyphens rank well.
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    I get turned off when I see hyphens - in - a - domain.

    Very spammy in my opinion.

    Search engines seem to be ok with them right now...i just don't think they look very great to humans.
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    If you will use - symbol in domains then your visitors will find difficulties in remembering your URL and when they will visit your website next time, they may open your competitors websites.
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    I haven't noticed any negative impact from using hyphens.
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    i preffer no hyphens it has more worth then hyphens
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    The hyphens help search engines to see keywords in the domain. I'm a fan of hyphens.
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    I dont' use hyphens (anymore) in domain names. But there are sites out there that do and seem to rank just fine.

    I think one hyphen, from a human engineering standpoint, is probably OK, but more than that and it looks spammy.
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