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Hello Warriors,

I have lots of doubts about SEO and please help me!

1. Can i submit "One Press Release" to 20 Press Release directories? or I have to write new press release for each and every press release directories?

2. Submitting "One Press Release" to 20 Press Release directories, the backlinks from those press release directories will be valuable?

3. For new domains, how many backlinks i should build per day? There is limit to build backlinks per day for new domains to avoid Google slap?
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    You can and should use the same press release for all your submission. You don't need to change anything.

    Yes, if you will write a good press release than it can be syndicated hundreds of times potentially giving you hundreds of backlinks. The idea is to find and submit your press release to sites that allow anchor text links and that will also syndicate your press release without stripping away those links.

    The main thing is not how many backlinks you build to a new domain but how consistent are you with your backlink building. You should be consisted and create links everyday.
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    Thank You Very Much D Baker and Marketingtalk!
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    1. Yes, you can submit the same release to many directories.

    2. Yes, the backlinks will count.

    3. As many as you want .... but higher quality is worth more than lower quality. (by higher quality I mean high PR on authority sites, edu or gov, and on the same topic if possible)

    Gone Fishing
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    as far as the link building goes, just spread it out and don't use any automation.
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