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Hi guys, i need help please in deciding which Domain to purchase.

Here's the deal, i want to purchase a Domain for a highly searched for keyword. Problem is the .COM is gone already and it's just sitting "parked" so i know i'll get the rankings if i get the right domain name.

I'll use an example, say the keyword is "sugar free sweet".

If www.sugarfreesweet.com is already taken, would you purchase www.sugarfreesweet.net (or .info) OR would you purchase something like www.esugarfreesweet.com or www.sugar-free-sweet.com?

If i bought all four domains, which would rank better in say Google when some one searches for "sugar free sweet"? Lets assume all sites on these domains are exactly the same in onsite SEO optimisation.

Looking forward to your responses.

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    hi wendz
    in my experience, .com, .org, and .net are easy to rank. .info is much harder as well as any other extension. i say that because i have multiple websites ranking for keywords and follow pretty much the same seo strategy for all of them, and they are mixed .com .org and .net. i have one website that is .info and can't seem to get it to perform with the same strategy. now i am NO seo expert, this is just personal experience.

    i have also seen other sites ranking for mixtures of keywords, for example like you showed above with e suguar free sweet. i've seen it before, but i have no experience with it. i've seen sites rank for backwards domains too, free daiting a site ranking dating free, etc. but everything i can tell is .com .net and .org are the best rankers.

    hope that helps, like i said, im no expert in seo

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    There many discussions on the forum regarding this already. .net and .org are good alternatives to a .com I have never had any problems ranking a .info but it depends on what your site is for and what impression you want to give off. A .info can sometimes be seen as less truested than the other TLD's.
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      Thanks for your comments guys, and apologies if this has been covered before. I tried searching for previous posts but could'nt find any that answered my questions above.
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    Hi Wendz09

    Your problem has mixed opinion. Though .com,.net and .org ranks well but I have seen many discussions in WF that .info also doing fine. I cannot recall the links otherwise I would have pasted here. The main thing is how many back links you are having. Another thing is that google ranks for pages but still keyword rich domain has always an added advantage.
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    Just don't use hyphens, that doesn't look professional. I'd recommend a dot com unless they are taken. Take a similar .org or .net in that case. Make sure your keyword phrase is in your domain and where you want to rank for

    Elion Makkink

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    Hyphens are just fine.....easier for prospects to read.....
    engines don't care.....



    Help for new marketers

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    go for com/net/org
    info hard to rank as i ever saw it with well optimized even exact keyword in domain
    hyphen i think take time to rank
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    If the .com wasn't available I would consider a hyphen, but not simply to get a .com because if you do not do it correctly it will make the domain look cheap and nasty...

    Credit-cards is fine, lowaprcredit-cards is stretching it.

    Shoving letters and words onto the front or back of a domain is also bad practice if it doesn't make it more desirable or lend its own branding qualities. How many times have you seen aaaadvertising.com drop over the last 10 years?

    And yes, I would take a .net any day of the week based on the merit of the keywords, in the game of monopoly I would liken the .com to Mayfair and .net to Leicester Square maybe. The .net is a brilliant extension and very powerful, but it is a hell of a lot cheaper which is a shame; it does not deserve to be maligned at all and it can be wonderful for building mini-sites upon.

    With all the advertising on television with .com businesses have been brainwashed into thinking it is .com or nothing, that is why I can easily find 100,000+ crap .com dropped domains every day that become available because someone wouldn't pay to get a good domain.

    I would take an exact match .net over a bad .com any day of the week.

    Sometimes I do not understand it, some companies and businesses will pay hundreds or thousands in advertising and SEO and building sites, but they will not invest in a good foundation with their domain name?
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    Try to have a .com domain as its the most popular extension on the web and all people remember websites with .com easier than others.

    I love warriorforum.

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    Gah.. I'm definitely not LESS confused after reading this thread (and countless other posts online).

    All I can confidently say now is that its better to get the un-hyphenated exact .com. duh.

    So if your keyphrase is "flying pumpkin" and FlyingPumpkin.com was taken... what's the next best?

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    well Domain doesn't matter well It matter with the Design and contents of Your website. The main impression goes for Design and then It goes with domain. .info or .com or .net all are better. But You are asking which will be Good I would Say .net would be better.
    You must choose According to Design and contents. Then Choose Domain.
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    Since we don't know what the content will actually be nor the real keywords, if visitors expect it to be an association or an authoritative entity on that subject, consider the .org version. If the .net is available, consider getting that one also. If it is not a .org situation, in my opinion, .net would be next in line when .com is unavailable.

    One other thing to consider is, what would its value be for others in the future? I would think the .net and/or .org would be better for resale than you creating a longtail or hyphenated domain that would have limited resale value.
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    I started a thread about this topic a while back because I had a .info site and I was worried that I was wasting my time on it. Now a few months down the track, my .info site is now ranking #2 out of 734,000 results.

    So I'm happy I stuck with it even though it's a .info domain it has done well, and some of the competition on page one is quite tough for my keyword phrase too.
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      I am always thinking why some people can not get .info rank well, I now lot of people who has ranked them well and I have had any problems at all. So what could it be? Would Google just prefer one person to another or they go by the SEO that has been done to the website.
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    Personally, Ive never had any problems ranking with .info, hyphen or not. As a matter of fact Im ranking #1 in Google for a few of my .info sites and they both have hyphens.

    Im not sure if any of this is helping you choose what to go with. But with this and Im sure with other things, you are going to get different answers.
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    From my own experience .org ranks best with Google. Even better than .com.

    I would go with that or with the .net.
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