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Dear WF Members,

Please,I need help.

Recently I posted a one comment on a blog to get a backlink.

When I analyzed my backlinks for my site in Yahoo Site Explorer, I found that there are multiple backlinks from the same site.

Will all those links from the same site negatively effect my site's future rankings in Google?

What can the problem be and how can I fix it?

Below find a screenshot of the multiple backlinks from that site.

Thanking you all in advance.

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    Hi Herschel,
    It looks like you have a sitewide backilnk in that it is part of the site's global template and hence it appears on each blog post on that site. The search engines will only count the most relevant link and ignore the rest.
    There is nothing to worry about.
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    Thanks for the input raviv:-)
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    You don't need to worry about this. No negative effect will come from this. Google will simply give less weight to those links.
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    I think each backlink is coming from different page so it is not consider as negative. it would have been harmful if it was coming from same page.
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    There is no need to worry about it. Because where u did put the link was the home page of the blog so it crawls in every post of the blog. There is no problem to get these links google will crawl only one link from it.
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