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Hey everybody,

I am trying PPC and for now I made 0 Dollars and can't seem to find good keywords. I wanted to know if there is a ways to spy on competitors?

Thanks in advance
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    You have to find relevant keywords to your product. Hopefully your competitors are NOT already bidding on those keywords. The more relevant the keyword is the higher your CTR will be therefore LOWERING your CPC.

    If your keyword is not relevant to your product ( more precisely your products sales page ) you will get a LOW or mediocre ( 5/10 -> 7/10max ) Keyword score.

    So go for RELEVANCE.
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    Spyfu will spy on your competitors keywords. I believe they have a free version and a more in-depth paid version.
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    Spyfu? Does it mean that they will show me all the keywords my competitors are bidding on?
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    @the OP. Most people don't understand that PPC is exactly like SEO. PPC can go very well for you or go very wrong. Make sure that the keywords you are bidding on can be found on your actual page. Make sure that any images that you have on the site have "alt" tags that match your keywords that you are bidding on.

    When it comes to PPC you must remember that big G LOVES money. The more relevant your site is the more big G will send visitors to you and the more money you hopefully both will make.

    I understand your initial question was about keywords. But in essence you must optimize your page for the keywords that you are bidding on to get a higher quality score and at the same time more clicks.

    My .02
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