Help with Post/Article writing and replacing "bad" posts

by adamcm
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Hi all,

I have a few different websites related to sports team apparel and am finding that some posts within each website are getting indexed, and others are not. I think this might have something to do with each post sounding very familiar. For instance one site is dedicated to hats, so I would describe the features of each hat, change a few words and post. So ideally what i'd like to do is improve my posts and had a few questions:

1 - I am trying to get in writer mode, but am having trouble thinking of 50 different way to describe a hat. For instance if my keywords were TeamA hat, and TeamB hat, what would you do to make them not contain duplicate content?

2 - When you want to modify a previous post, do you delete it, and create a whole new one?

Thanks everyone!
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