What's Your Opinion of SEO Certification Programs?

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I've been seeing quite a few different SEO certification programs coming out lately. One example: Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Certification and Training

I've even seen a couple advertisements on TV for colleges that offer full-on internet marketing degrees. Another example: Full Sail University: Campus and Online Degrees

My question is: Do you think any of these certifications are worth it? Would attending a 4 year school on internet marketing actually improve your odds of being hired?
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    It all depends on what your trying to accomplish. Are you trying to get hired by a corporate job? If so, then any certification that you can acquire will benefit you. If you run your own business and work for yourself do you really need it?
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    @ashley That's a good point. Someone at a corporation, who is likely well-educated themselves, would likely be impressed with a degree.

    I wonder what the qualification is for some of these professors teaching internet marketing in schools.
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    One benefit of taking a Certification Course is that it will cut through all of the contradictory advice you will receive just by reading about a subject like SEO, and (hopefully) point you in the right direction.
    However, like everyone else says here, it depends on what your aims are, and completing a course is no guarantee of success.
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    On a fairly regular basis, I get emails from readers asking me about SEO Training and SEO certification. While there's no shortage of options out there for in-person training, it can be difficult to get yourself or your team to the right place at the right time. Thankfully, quite a few options are springing up for people who are looking to expand their knowledge without leaving their office.
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