just any ole' .gov or .edu ???

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I know links from .edu and .gov sites are some of the best you can get, but are they really that powerful? What if they're on a site that's not even related to the site your trying to get links to? The two .edu links I have both come from the same domain, just different pages.

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    I was just about to come and post something about this when I saw your thread - serendipitous!

    In short, no, not just ANY old edu or .gov is beneficial.

    You see these lists of do-follow .edu and .gov sites where you can post a comment or add a link - one I saw had been spammed so much, there was so many comments that trying to load the site crashed my Firefox!

    Just because a site is a .edu or a .gov doesn't make it a good link to get. That should be obvious but it's evidently not to many people.

    You're rarely going to find "relevance" in a .edu or .gov link but other things to consider are:

    1. Number of other outbound links - if there is hundreds, it's probably not worth it.

    2. The other people who are being linked out to - if the other people that have spammed their link onto that site are people promoting spammy stuff like prescription meds or gambling stuff, you could well get no benefit at all.

    And more.

    The principle is good and there's nothing wrong with a .edu link or two but be careful, and be smart with how and where you get them.


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