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As you know there are a lot of statistics sites such as alexa, aboutus, quantcast etc where you can ping your url to get a backlink and for faster google indexing.

In the attachment you can find a list with such websites ( more than 3000 urls ). Replace the example url with the url of your website and use a pinger program to ping the urls. This will give you a lot of backlinks. I have created this list from several other lists, cleaned duplicates etc.

Warning! Do not use all 3000+ urls to ping new domains, because it can be considered as spam. Instead, ping the first 250, then over 1 week ping the second 250 etc. With already established websites or web 2.0 properties you can use the whole list at once.

You can use the urls also for subdomains, but some of the urls will not work, so you will have less than 3000 urls, but it is anyway great for support blogs etc.
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