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I have been looking around at the various link wheel posts and wanted to start using this technique, but I have a few questions.

When you create other blogging sites or social sites, would you set them up with the same email addresses/names allocated to your money site?

If you have a series of sites such as tumblr, blogger, wp, xanga, YouTube, slideshare, etc should they link to your money site AND to each other or just in succession like such:


Also, what are some of the NO NOs here? I heard the wheel should never connect...what else may cause a problem?

If there is a WSO on this and someone has a link, that would be great.
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    The way I've seen them done, each site links to one of the other sites (no two linking to the same site) and all of the sites link back to your money site.

    DO NOT use the same information for all of the sites. Make every piece of information different. I would even go as far as to use a proxy to register for each one. You don't want Google to know you own all of those sites. Google doesn't like you linking to yourself from your own websites.
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    Some may not have heard that the classic link wheel is dead, it's been ID'd by google.
    The new strategy is setting up a buffer site that takes the link juice and passes it to your money. Say a blogger, squidoo, and a tumblr pointing to a wetpaint that points to you money. The sllideshare, ezine, youtube linking to each of your 1st 3 and then set up another hub in the same fashion.

    It's perfectly fine to use one email for 1 project on all the sites the search engines to do index your mail setup on those sites.
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    I think there will be no problem or mistakes that will happen if you do link wheel process in a proper way, let say blog link to social networking to social publishing and so on then link back again to blog, just make sure that every story in the link wheel is different and have quality content at all.
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    A classic linkwheel is a bunch of web 2.0 propreties linking to each other in a row.


    Each web 2.0 proprety links back to your site. You should not close the linkwheel or it could be identified by google as such.

    What Vincenzo is reffering to is called a link pyramid (If I'm right)
    It basically funnels the link juice through a few web 2.0 propreties. Another good thing about a link pyramid is that it will allow you to rank some of your web 2.0 propreties on the top level along side your main site.
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