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I found a pretty cool tool I've been using to get my links indexed faster.

It allows you to add multiple urls and it will go and ping them across the web.

Great as I mentioned previously for getting links indexed faster. I use it when I outsource Angelas links, copy the urls and then ping x amount per day.

I also recommend using it to ping your rss feeds you can download from your website. :p

The website is PingDevice

Just thought a few of you would find it useful.

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    Hi thanks for the link. It’s good to help your backlinks index as well.
    Many thanks
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      I just started pinging backlinks recently. Had I not known that, I'd consider your short post to be a 'golden nugget' lol. So, I hope others read this and find it as useful as what I've experienced already.

      Thanks man!
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        Thanks for the tool - what sites does it ping to?
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    No worries

    I have no idea where they ping to but all I know is it works pretty well.

    Saves using pingomatic if you have a lot of urls you want to ping.
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    Thanks for sharing.. giving it a try now.
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    Thanks a lot for sharing...this is pretty useful
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      Wow! This is such a cool development! Thanks for sharing!
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    im using blog blaster..but thanks to this tool
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    I've been using for my website, i will give it a try on this informative tool that you've discovered its another way to indexed faster, thanks for the sharing.
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