Google Adwords Keyword Tool has gone?

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Dear warrior. I try to open '' today. But i found it has gone. Somebody can help me?
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    I try 'hxxps:// nsideadwords&utm_campaign=sbktshutdownpost' from 'hxxp://' But it doesnt work.
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    Hi Curt. It doesnt work for me. Is it depend on the country? I am Indonesian
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    I was looking for the keyword tool yesterday and got whisked off to adwords instead. What is Google thinking? The downside is I keep getting the adwords page in French even though I keep changing the option to English. I still get French. Sucks!

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      It seems that Google is sending everyone to the New keyword tool, so we have to get used to the new interface, but it has been around for awhile and I have used it a little.

      If you have an adwords account you can get up to 800 keywords per query, not bad.

      Most of the Keyword tools like Micro Niche Finder and Market Samurai will be doing updates I am sure.
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    The old interface is gone. The new interface only shows search volumes for searches done on and not on all of Google's search partners' sites. That's a problem for SEO! We need access to the full picture of searches done using Google's results. It's good for Adwords buyers... bad for free traffic keyword researchers.

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      Is that whats its up to?

      It was delivering these results til resemtly on the new interface

      Is there any other tool I can use to find search results in europe on the likes of,be,de,at,ie,es etc
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