Where do you go to outsource backlink building?

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Where do you guys go to outsource backlink building?

What is a reasonable rate?

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    Rank Ascend Network - High PR Links / Guaranteed Rankings Increase
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      Originally Posted by 4morereferrals View Post

      I would be careful about getting backlinks from webmasters you don't know as they can be bounds for blacklisting by the search engines.

      Make sure you only get backlinks from high quality webpages to avoid any hits to your reputation at all costs.
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    I prefer the following methods to build backlinks to clients' and my websites:

    1. Article Marketing: Enables me to get a ton of backlinks in the long run. But, the main disadvantage I consider from this is, many people alter the keywords while posting my articles on their sites or blogs.

    2. Article Spinning: From my sig you may be aware that I provide article spinning services. I use my services(hic!!) to spin a few PLR articles and post them on my blogger and wordpress blogs with apt keywords. Good keywords, good indexing and very good value as I do not spam the hell out of myself.

    3. Mini programs to build backlinks: I scout around forums like DP, V7N and others to check back on newbies or low cost link building and find out their procedures to build backlinks. If I feel that they are not into link farming, then I take their services. Lot cheaper and as I validate each link from their reports, I get a good job done.

    Just my 2 cents.
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    Article submission is probably the best and most effective way of getting backlinks to your site,

    my 2 cents
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    Hey Matt, I usually post an ad on Elance. Tell them exactly what you want i.e. 100 one way links PR 1 + or whatever. There are lots of people who'll reply. Just be sure to be very specific with your needs to avoid any trouble later on.
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    I do it my self, rather paid someone else
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    I use backlinkphilipines dot com.

    You give them the keywords and anchor text and they will link it back to you...I realize their links are profile links...mainly PR4 and above
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    I donĀ“t remember where I read the article but as Alexww wrote, the best is article writing and second link sharing.
    Then we also have external commenting and insite SEO
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    I use Freelancer.com and get 200 high PR profile links for $30.

    Just make sure you select somebody with experience in link building.
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    For outsourcing, you can find some great people to do it for you on odesk. If you have a seo plan, you can train just about anyone to do the backlink tasks you require. Good luck, and don't forget to look in the warriorforhire section. There are some great deals there also. I prefer to have just one quality outsourcer though, especially one with good english.

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      I agree that Article Marketing is key to getting backlinks to your site but guest blogging can also be very successful providing you write good content for the other sites. If your submission is poor, it's unlikely to get approval and you'll have wasted your time. Obviously your aim is get visitors from this site over to your site, so you need to make them want to find out more about you by posting to your best ability.

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    I have just recently paid for one or two services from these guys:

    SEO Firm : Directory Submission Link Building Service with Article submission

    I can't vouch for them, but the payment and order process was very nice and easy. Whether they get results is another matter altogether, but I will wait and see. I think they came recommended from another Warrior and thats how I found them.

    I'll report back with any news from my little test with these guys.
    "Better a student of reality than a master of illusion"
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      I wouldnt mind paying someone to do it for me, ecspecially if its thats cheap but Im worried that they will use link farms etc and my site will get thrown off Google.

      I dont know if or how you can trust someone to do a proper job of it
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