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I have a question that I have not been able to answer for a couple of weeks, and its killing me. I have been using adwords for the past month, with little effectiveness. My ads show up on the google search and I have come to think that the majority of these clickers are window shoppers. They do not call or even email. My website looks good, so I doubt this is the problem.

I have also noticed that when I go in and search for local businesses and click on the Google map, there are sponsored link at the top and bottom of the list on the left. I can't post a link yet, but you can replicate this by searching for any business and clicking on the Google map to make the results interactive.

My question do I get on the list with the local results? I think these searchers will be buyers more than people from Google search for my industry which is debt collection.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I love these forums!
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    Hey Debtdue,

    I think what you are talking about is Google Places. If you click on the link I just gave you, you can log in and then just follow the instructions. Basically it will show your ad when someone searches in or around your local area. Really easy to set it up. Google guide is easy to follow after you have signed in. If you are having troubles then give me a shout.


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  • Getting shown in the 7-pack with the Google map for local listings will drive a lot of traffic. But AdWords should be equally effective if done correctly. Hopefully you're using geo targeting with your ad campaigns. Also, hopefully you closely monitoring the keywords that are matching your ad groups and using negative keywords to get rid of phrases that you know will never convert. Optimizing your ads thru A/B testing is also very important. It takes quite a bit of effort to hone in on the correct set of keyword phrases to target and best ads &landing pages to use in order to maximize click-thrus and conversions.
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      Thanks for the help so far. I guess this is where I have gotten stuck before. My business is is one area, but notice that the sponsored results are never from the area where I search. So I want to be there too, so I can expand into other geographic areas where Google Places will not let me.

      Would I do this by adding an extension to the adds? If so , then I would have to add one for every city that I want my ad to show up in. Please let me know a) if you understand my question b) you have any idea how to get this exposure.

      Thank you all.
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    Google Maps (Places) will help you in your area only, but it will be worth it to carefully set up an account.

    Be sure to use your main keyword in the name of your business if you can.
    Not: ABC Company
    Yes: ABC Debt Collection Company

    Also, use the keyword (not overly) throughout your description and in categories.

    Out of the 5 categories Google have to pick one of them that they come up with, but you can create your own as well.
    Use something like: Debt Collection Anytown and Anytown Debt Collection

    Don't try to game Google by opening up false addresses in other areas you want to be in.

    Also...a main part of the puzzle is getting your biz in local directories with pretty much the same description as what you have in Google Places.

    As far as PPC goes, compete in the areas you wish to compete in via geo-targeting. Don't be "flaky". Most try something one does not work...then they try something else instead of giving it a fair chance. Google hates flakiness.

    If you are having a problem with your ads being shown...try raising your daily budget WITHOUT raising your price per click bids. Sometimes this works pretty well. Google likes advertisers who come to the table with a decent budget.

    Good luck.



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    try to optimize your pages and your adword campaign.
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    If you are talking about the highlighted maps profile on the local "7-pack" or "10-pack" then you are talking about Tags for Google Places. I believe it's $25/month and they are still offering the first month free. It will no influence the rankings but it might increase CTR and visibility.

    When you log into your account you will surely see the "Tags"

    To bump up your rankings, check out David Mihm. He's got THE SITE for local search rankings.
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