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Hey guys

Just thought I would ask your opinion on one of my sites. Only found out today the homepage is deindexed, but all other pages are still in the index. As far as I know there are no errors and there are def no redirects.

I have been doing consistent backlinking to the homepages so I am puzzled as to what has actualy happened. Is this normal? Google dance? What gives? Site is about 3-4 months old, and WAS movinf steadily for a midrange term then gone...:-(

Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
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    The home page doesn't appear when you do a google search for site:domain.com? Or it's just no longer ranking for the keyword?
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      Hey Ninal

      When I do the site command all other pages appear apart from homepage. It's a young site so I am wondering if it's normal to do this. I checked site explorer and it seems I got an influx of 30 backlinks during the night due to a press release.

      Thankyou for the response.
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        Anyone? :-(
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          All I can say is that this has happened to me: I had a site ranking page 1 for a pretty high-traffic keyword (which was also in my domain-name) and then one day the whole site just disappeared from the index. I was pretty sure a manual reviewer had been by and slapped it, realising that the site is basically a splog, running from an automated script (ahem).

          I thought that was the end of it, and was lucky to have got away with it as long as I did. When suddenly the site returned, ranking well for most of the long-tail keywords, just not ranking at all for the domain-name keywords.

          Frankly, I think I was lucky to keep the profitable long-tail keywords, and I will live without the main site keyword! I can't speak for your case of course.

          Oh by the way, I think the problem was I "built content" (read: added keywords) too quickly and got too much new traffic too soon and it must have flagged something in Google's system. I should know better..!

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          Dont worry about it. This happened to a newish site of mine twice. And always over a weekend. It would dissapear for a few days.

          The first time it came back after 3 days and was 5 places higher up. The second time it went and came back 2 places higher up.

          It's just Google working its magic and deciding where you deserve to sit. Dont sweat it (ok I admit, I crapped myself ;-). But this can happen if you've recently done some link building work.


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            Just keep working on your content and backlinks, Google will place you back where you belong after some time
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    Maybe you need to check your backlinks properly, you should not always leave backlinks to your homepage!
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      Thanks for the response guys, much appreciated.

      As for backlinks, I do have them distributed to the various 4 pages the site has although I would say 90 percent is to the home page with various anchor text links pointing to it.

      I was sweating like a pig a moment ago, but now I feel more confident it will come back. Fingers crossed.
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    Sometimes it happens with site. In many cases it happens because if you change some major thing in homepage code indirectly. Even if you change your site Description, Title or something that is global setting for your blog - It de indexes all pages first & then re index it back in a week or so. So I guess this is the case for you. So just sit back & keep your posting continued. You'll get back on track.
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      Google will re-assess your website due to the amount of backlinks been built for the homepage (this may also happen due to a sudden spike of backlinks like you mentioned above with the press release). Your site will then re-enter the rankings at a higher position. This is a good thing so dont worry about it, just be consistent with your backlinks.
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    Same just happend to me. Did yours come back?
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      Just got a homepage deindexed..Checked and saw that there were many 503 error when bots/visitors were attempting to open the page. Make sure you check with your host about server issues.
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    It may come back. Just be a bit patient.

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