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by Plato
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Hey Warriors,

i wonder how many affiliate websites or autoblogs should one consider to run under the same IP. 2-5-10-30 aff. websites ?
From which number will big G. stop to rank these websites even if they are well optimised ?
(It might also depend if one uses domain privacy)

Could you please share your experience with the max. number of affiliate websites / autoblogs you managed to rank successfully under the same IP ?

Thanks !
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    I've got around 40 all on the same account without any problems and I've heard some members here have a few hundred without any issues whereas others prefer to spread it around and opt for more c class hosting

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      40 websites on the same IP ?!- wow thats a number.
      I was wondering about 10 sites on the same one. Interesting to know- thanks.

      Any more research/suggestions from other warriors ?
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    not a problem host any no of sites under one IP. But don't link each other.
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    I have many sites under 1 IP also without any problem.
    Actually a half year ago or so I ordered additional IPs for my dedicated and I haven't seen a change in the rankings..
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    at multiple affiliate programs within one interface. Give it a try!
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    I have 5 websites on the same ip.Hope google will not gonna punish me for that.
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    Almost here are owns websites that have the same ip so no need to worry about because there's no effects in google rankings.
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