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Hello all,

Please give me advice on how to secure my website position on Google SERP;
i have website. "" and currently focus on optimize on keyword "usa people search" before was on first page on Google even can reach on 3 positon ,but now am on page 4 on google.What am doing so far
- Blog commenting
- Social bookmark dofollow
- article marketing am submit it to Goarticle,since it more easier compare to ezine
- Blogger,wordpress,squiddo
- frees classified on craiglist (sometime only)
- Exchange link
- Some SEO (am working on my fresh website look and will coming soon)
- Active on forum
- If you dont mine to have a look my website So i will adding for y new look(the advice)

Anybody have more idea please fell fre to share ...not just only for me but for all of us here to know more.thanks..
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    Sounds like your headed in the right direction. For me it's always been links, link and more links. The more related the content is on the site linking to you, the better.

    One thing though, you said, "Some SEO". On the site your trying to rank? Might not rank, if you don't do full seo. Maybe that's a big part of the problem?
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      I agree with Ron you really need a good SEO strategy and a QUALITY link building campaign. here are some on site SEO suggestions you could try to help improve rankings.
      1. Keyword research from Google's free tool and i also like to use the paid version of wordtracker. they just came out with a new version that has a much bigger data base.
      2. 1 title tag per page
      3. Write compelling title tags that make sense only using your keyword once
      4. Make sure your main keyword is toward the front of the title tag. only 65 characters show in the search engines.
      5. use different variations of your keyword (if possible) to avoid sounding repetitive.
      6. use one main keyword per page with supporting secondary keywords
      7. use the keywords in the meta description
      8. try to get a call to action in the meta description
      9. MD's (meta descriptions) should make sense and not just list a bunch of keywords
      10. also have your keywords closer to the front of the MD's. only 165 characters show most of the time.
      11. 12 to 15 keywords in the meta keyword tag
      12. if geo targeting use locations in meta tags where it makes sense. (don't just list out a bunch of locations in your title or MD.
      13. Use the correct DocType
      14. Use correct Charset
      15. pull css and java scripting into external file
      16. keep code to content ratio down to a mimum
      17. 1 H1 tag per page
      18. h1 tag is like a newspaper headline & should have your main key phrase in it.
      19. name your files with keyword in them if it makes sense
      20. name your images with keywords if it makes sense
      21. name your html pages with keywords if it makes sense. don't abriviate
      22. paragraphs are broken up in to easy to read small bites.
      23. keywords in anchor text of links to other pages in site
      24. inner link pages of site
      25. always have a bottom text navigation especially if you have a flash or java top nav
      26. make sure page load time is minimal
      27. Your title should make you want to read your first paragraph and the first paragraph should make you want to read the next and so on.
      28. Content is King and should be compelling and written WELL. Your money is well spent on a copywriter.
      29. make sure design is balanced, not too much clutter or white space.
      30. make sure navigation is easy to use, find and understand. Example: someones contact us button says How May I Help You. I had no idea that was the contact us page and I make websites. lol
      31. use text navigation with keywords in it as much as possible but especially at the bottom of the page.
      32. call to action on every page. one above the fold and one at the end of the content.
      33. design for the lowest common denominator. Keep things simple for the new internet user.
      34. have a good mix of content and images
      35. Robots.txt file
      36. xml site map
      37. html site map. check out site map pro for the best SEO friendly site map.
      38. set up in analytics and webmaster tools.
      39. if blogging use wordpress if possible. of course you can't if your on a window's platform
      40. Use SEO friendly hosting. i like

      Hope that helps
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