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Hello peeps,

I just created a soccer community site (mysoccerpals dot com) and I'm thinking of applying for a paid advertising option. which one would you recommend? I'm a newbie and would not want to lose money to advertisers

Thanks in anticipation
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    Facebook CPC is usually cheaper compared to Adwords. The CTR is however also lower compared to Adwords.

    Of course both have their advantages and audience. If you are a newbie, I recommend you read up on their policies before posting anything, whether its FB or Adwords.
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    For me Facebook and Twitter is most effective rather than adwords, this networking sites is visited daily that's why you the advantagein advertising or promoting your sites and as yaotfeng said better look for their terms and policies.
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      Hi ajetayo,

      first off all you should know that FB ads and Adwords are two completely different systems. The only thing they have in common is the phrase PPC, and thats it.

      I have posted my way and my view of Facebook ads which I have tested and earned money with on my blog :

      How To Get The Lowest Cost Per Click With Facebook Ads

      Its quite long so I will not paste it in here.

      I have a special post on Adwords alone and my way of going about it to come, very soon.

      Hope it will help you and many others.

      Sincerely, Buyseech
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    If you dont' know what your doing with google adwords you will loose money, it didn't do well for me so be carefully, read and watch videos first..
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    if you are going with adwords then definately you will get returns and visitors.
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    @ buyseech,

    Your blog post sure did a lot for me very explanatory and since a lot of people advised I use Facebook, I'll research on it. Meanwhile, i still need to know some few details like how much you bidded, your daily budget, CPM or CPC and how much you spent totally. I want to start the AD campaign soon

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