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Hello fellow Warriors! I was doing some research for a domain name this morning and the .com was already taken. However the .org and the .net are still available. For SEO purposes which one would be better to use?
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    I really don't think it matters to SEO.
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    Hello there my friend I find that .org it better to go with and to rank for, if you ever notice that godaddy charge more for the .org????? That they charge for .com and net. Hope this help bezzer brown
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      There is NO difference between .com .net and .org for SEO purposes. I got some .net and.org ranked and I can confirm that I didn't see any differences. Sometimes the .org gets connected with free stuff in many peoples mind so the ctr is probably a little bit higher. But that's a really small factor so go for the one of both that fits your taste

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    Originally Posted by HarveyDanger View Post

    For SEO purposes which one would be better to use?
    No difference at all.

    The real question is the .com a long established authority domain or is it sitting parked and unindexed in some domainer's portfolio who's trying to sell it for $5000 or some other ridiculous amount.

    If the .com is established then you might want to look elsewhere for a keyword since they'll be harder to beat. If the .com is recently established and/or has weak links, then you might have a decent chance of beating them. If the domain is parked or otherwise undeveloped then it will be easy to establish your own domain for that keyword.
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      Generally speaking,no extension is better than any other,however there are things you need to take into consideration. A ".edu" extensions will rank better with Google because they are private and can be easily trusted. Bear in mind that you are required to be an educational site in order to have a ".edu extension."

      A ".com" extenstion does not inherently get better SEO ranking than ".net", ".org", ".me", etc. extensions, however a ".com" extenstion most likely to garner better results than the others because it is the defacto standard on the web. Most browsers will add it to the end of a domain if they are unsure which extension you need (type a word in address bar, press ctrl + enter).

      Additionally, ".com" is the extenstion that most people think of and remember. "hey my website is at mywebsite.org." Later on, the person hearing this will think "what was that site? oh yeah, mywebsite.com." Finally, it is a common practice of scammers to "buy up" all of the alternate domain extensions of established sites...and google knows that too.
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    If you are buying in bulk and want to sound like an authority go with .org as it will be the same price as .net . I only would use .net for technology websites/new tvs/phones etc.
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    If I were you...I will go to.. .org..

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    Thanks for the responses everyone, I will do some research on the .com and find out if it is established. If not I will go with the .org.
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    its not matter to seo its depends on what type of site your are going to add in the domain
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    No difference whatsoever...you can choose any of them.

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    considering SEO, any is fine since you're still going to work for it to boost more...
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    no difference, me personally will go for .org
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    There is no diff between the domains... any domain same value for search engines... for human visibility is difference..

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      Originally, the three letter extensions after the dot (or Top Level Domain/TLD) were meant to denote whether the domain name was being used for business (.com) charity/non-profit (.org) or for a technology based company (.net). However, with the explosion of the Internet (and specifically, the world wide web) as a new business medium, the lines were blurred, and companies and individuals alike started cross-registering domains (ie. Me.com, me.net, me.org) just to protect their interests. Now, .com, .net, and .org names (the generic Top Level Domains) can be used for any purpose.

      As for SEO, There really is no difference. But going back to the the statement above, If you site is trying to sell something, I would recommend .net. If you site is more informational and you use adsense or something like it, I would use .org as it will likely bring more visitors looking for information.
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    As many have said already..i can confirm that for SEO it really does not matter.
    I have personally had good results with .com, .net and .org

    But as mentioned by BGMACAW, you need to have a look at how well established the .com is...remember you are going to be competing directly with .com domain..

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      Hi all,

      Just thought I'd chip in here regarding my experiences with the .co domains. I agree with the above posters that there really is no difference, seo wise, between a .org and a .net. - I have no.1s in Google for both extensions.

      I would say though that not ALL domains are equal (in Google's eyes). I've been experimenting with the new .co domains since their launch and these are definitely NOT on a par with the other domains. A lot of fuss was made of the whole .co launch, and I'm afraid to say that Google is not treating them the same as a .com or .org.
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