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I'm just getting started with hub pages and I've created 2 hubs so far. I was wondering if anyone had any advice or strategies that they could give about creating hubs? Thanks!!
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    I'd settle for just one.

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    I would use Bum marketing and try to get first page rankings for some lucrative keywords. Use affiliate ads you are allowed 2 related to your hub, use Adsense, and add Amazon ads....

    I have 93 hubs published from a while ago they continue to generate me commissions here and there. Just do your keyword research and try for the number 1 ranking on Google or at least the first page.

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    Sorry, no can help with Hubs, but if you need help with Squidoo, I'm a current angel and a Giant100 with 120 lenses. I'm CCGAL on Squidoo and on Twitter.
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      Always use unique content on hubs - I think of a hub as an "editorial arm" of site promotion.

      I usually have only one outgoing link on a hub - never more than two outgoing links.

      Hubs are quick to do and if you do it well and it's ranked highly (hubpage ranking, that is) it will send traffic for some time without maintenance.

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    Look at the rules for flagship hubs. If they have an opening for something you want to create a hub about, take it. If not just follow the rules for flagship hubs when creating your own.

    That way you know you'll be creating a good quality hub that will get lots of views.
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      Hi. I have been all over HP. Where do I find the flagship hubs?



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        One of the most important tactic for getting traffic to your hub is to make sure that you use the right 'tags'.

        Don't forget the basics either:

        Keyword in title
        keyword throughout article

        Hubpages also gives you the option to use images. Make sure you us images that will help you and not distract the readers from your content.

        Hope that helps.
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    With huvpages you can get huge traffic but for that you will be needed quality content and use only one or two links.

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    hello Jennifer!

    I have been publishing on the hubs for quite a long time(a year), i did not have much success with them uptill now but there is some potential for sure.

    I have done a good amount of research on what works and what does nt. Here are some tips:

    1. Hubs that are written around recipes and make money online are most popular on hubpages. Amazon product reviews comes third. But i think the best money making hubs are the ones which talk about product reviews. IMHO in google eyes is a site which talks about product reviews and recipes.

    2. Tags are important, so are inter linking of the hubs. Instead of creating a single hub on the topic create several hugs and link them. Create a ring of hubs as this will help in creating authority in Google's eyes and potentially more traffic.

    3. Comments (this one is my own discovery), i have noticed that hubs having lots of comments are tend to rank more. Google has an algorithm which ranks posts with higher number of comments. Simple reason.. posts that are getting comments must have some thing good in them. Now, there are ways to comment on your hub too. Ahem ahem.

    4. Don't leave your hubs, keep promoting them. Build some backlinks like Blog commenting and other social bookmarking.

    5. Last but not the least. Create informative hubs, create laaaaaaarge hubs that will kill the competition. Instead of creating 100 small hubs that get little or not traffic it is always better to have 10 hubs that generate traffic and revenue.

    6. 20% of the hubs generate 80% of the revenue. I knew one publisher from Hubpages who was making $100 from a single hub. Lesson learnt > You must create nice hubs, they must be informative and well laid out. They should be kind of a report which people would want to share on their blog or with their friends. I can't stress this point enough. It is really important.

    With quality hubs you must try to make as much of that 20% type of successful hubs rather than being in 80% category and not making anything and wasting your efforts.

    I know that creating quality hubs is a pain in the @** but then If you have to do something why not give you 100% and get the best possible results?

    Best of luck!
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    How to you link the hubs or create a ring of hubs as mentioned in the post above?

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