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This question is for all of you SEO Gurus and Experts with real life experience. For SEO benefits only, is it better to "link" to your inner pages directly from your Home Page or from your Sitemap page? For example, if I publish a 50 page website, should I show the links to ALL 50 of my inner pages on the Home Page or should I only show the links on the Sitemap page only. What are the pros and cons as it relates to SEO (i.e., Page Rank and more importantly higher individual page rankings). Again, this question pertains ONLY to which method will provide better SEO benefits. This is not about linking to other websites and blogs, I get that.
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    If you want to have more weight for certain pages, it makes sense to to include those in your navigation structure. If you have too many links on every page, it can dilute the pagerank distribution, rather than concentrating it. I wrote about this a while back and topic is generally referred to as pagerank sculpting. You might want to consider linking between internal pages as well, and then limiting the links from the homepage to just the most important pages.
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