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I recently created a new site. I think I did pretty good on text, graphics, keywords, etc. So I have a nice site with no traffic.

I have been reading that creating new backlinks can be the salvation of a new site with no traffic. Is this true or just BS to fill reports to sell? Should I now spend my time becoming an expert on backlinks so that Google will raise my rankings and thereby traffic? And actually make money?

Secondly, if it is true, how can I choose whose information to learn from? I seem to see reports for sale whose authors have all knowledge but are quick to point out that their competition's reports have nothing but useless information. When people tell me that each other are scoundrels, I tend to take then at their word. Politicians are a great example. So how do I choose?

Thirdly, I read that Google dislikes some links and will punish me for using them. How do I know what links Google dislikes and how will they "punish" me?

I want to o what is effective and not be BS'd and waste more money.

I want to make money.


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    Google hates links that are not natural. I think you have to visit the SEO Discussion section of this forum so that you can learn more about how to create natural backlinks and how to optimize your site to be search-engine friendly.

    Yes, you need backlinks and traffic to increase you page rank but you need them more to make sales.
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    My suggestion is to go to yahoo site explorer and enter a competitors url and see what they have for backlinks. This will give you an idea of what kind of backlinks are working in your niche.

    A great place to get Coupon Inserts

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    Well, there are many many ways to promote a website like PPC advertising, SEO, affiliate marketing, media buys, social marketing etc... and some are paid and some are free ways.

    So, if you want to go the SEO way then I would advise to get a copy of SEOBook from SEO ~ SEO Training Made Easy and start from there.
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    post your site on some social bookmarking sites.
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      If you are serious about the SEO for your money site then consider buying SEOSpyglass, you can see all of the links to any website. Then order them by pagerank and see if they are dofollow or not. You can see if you can obtain the very same link as your competitor has, this is especially useful if they have been using blog commenting or article distribution as part of thier SEO strategy. Simply deliver more high quality links to your site than your competitor has.

      Drive some initial traffic using article marketing via ezine articles, you could also researcg on free press release websites.

      Make sure you have researched your keywords and optimised your website for your selected keywords.

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    Natural is nice...........but not realistic, it works and is rewarded by Google to build links. What ever method you choose.
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    Jim, building backlinks is how you market your website. You've got a nice site; now you need people to know it actually exists .

    Backlinks are like votes. If someone gives you a backlink, it means they liked the content you published. The more backlinks/votes you have, the higher you will rank in the search engine resutls, and the more people that will potentially visit your site.

    I would suggest heading over to the SEO section of the forum and learning all you can about SEO. The right SEO strategy will bring you lots of traffic. However, it does take time, so you'll have to be patient!

    And, to start the backlinking process, start by creating a signature here on Warrior Forum. Then, every time you make a post, you will get another backlink.
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