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I am fairly new to the SEO game and have been learning as much as I can over the last year, I have registered with this site and learnt a lot in the last 2 months.

We are thinking of bringing in an SEO guy and wondered what you thought to his strategy before we go ahead. This is what he says he will do every month……

Link building Directory submissions 100 – 200 a month (Decent reviewed directories)

Articles + article submission sent out to some decent places, spun from blogs they make for the site) 4 per month

4 blogs for the site a month

4 blogs on topic on different c class servers with 2 posts going to each every month (Same posts) and these will point to our site and other sites (to help cover the link path) also I think these will be used for link exchanges in the future (With caution).

Social bookmarking creation and posts (25 created a month and 2 posts going to each)

Twitter account made and script to run backlinks to help google find the backlinks

Blog comments 10 a month (On and off topic)

Web 2.0 posts 50 a month (same spun article)

Profile accounts created with link back to site within the profile (different keywords) 40 a month (No forum spam)

Classified ads 1 a month

Press realise 1 a month

RSS submissions


Link exchange or 1 way links from existing pages (10)

PR3 or higher back links (20)

.edu or .gov back links (6)

Blogroll Links/ product reviews (10)

In your opinion will any part of this negatively affect the website and would you increase or decrease any part of this package.

The cost for this package is £750 ($1100). Thanks for your time and help.
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    I'm not to sure. But it seems very expensive and too out of focus I must say.
    I might be wrong hou.
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      Bob, I don't see anything that jumps out as 'black hat', but there's a high amount of back-linking going on in what might seem too short a time, especially if your site has NO back-links right now.

      But this is all off-site SEO, I see nothing about your site proper. I see no discussion of KEYWORDS (in body or code), Image ALT Tags, keyword research, project time-frame, etc.

      • Will you have access to all these nifty social sites and web 2.0 properties when the project is over?
      • What measures success?
      • Who's doing the work of posting to all these sites?
      • What is the PR (page rank) of the pages he is getting these inbound links from? OK I see PR3. Anyone on this forum can do better than PR3. Are they Adult/Gambling/'bad neighborhood' sites?
      • Where is he putting these articles? or a site he might have financial interest in?
      • When does the project End?
      • When will re review the project?
      • Is there a MNDA involved. (i hope there is...)

      I hope this helps m8
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        Thanks for your help, sorry for not mentioning the onsite work he has done (Keywords, structure and content) also some back linking has been going on and the site has been up a year.

        This is also with some extra content every month for a couple of extra pages.

        He has just offered this offsite package, I just didn't want to do anything that was going to get our site into bad water.

        So as long as the links are from non-Adult/Gambling/'bad neighbourhood' sites, is this a decent strategy?
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          bump + bump
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      At a glance, I agree. You could probably manage this at 20-30% of the cost. The quality of work is always a concern, so I would watch out in either case.

      Originally Posted by BabyJoe View Post

      I'm not to sure. But it seems very expensive and too out of focus I must say.
      I might be wrong hou.
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    I think the link building and SO is fine. The cost however is prety high if you ask me.

    A great place to get Coupon Inserts

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