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I have a adsense for domain site and I want to start generating traffic to the site. But from google adsense for domain policy, you cannot send traffic to the parked domain except organic traffic.

Some people online, forum and my friends show their adsense for domain earning and how they are sending traffic to the site, I was surprised that they are linking directly to the parked site using facebook, forum, email signiture etc.

So I have been asking myself that, how are they doing that Google have detected and disable their account? I used to think that Google understand where all the traffics for adsense for domain and adsense for contents are coming from.

My question is that, since google forbid you sending traffic to adsense for domain site, why google haven't ban them for almost 4month now and even more?

Does it mean that google don't detect this?

What are the best way to generate traffics to adsense for domain without being ban by google?
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    Google will catch you eventually, that is the nature of adsense. Even though google is a multi-billion dollar company, there is way more websites out there than there are people actively looking for adsense sites against their ToS.

    The unfortunate truth is there are hundreds of black hater SEO people out there making tons of money off adsense still. Google is tracking them down and shutting their accounts off, but Google can only do so much in a 24 hour day.
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  • it is against adsense policy to drive traffic to adsense for domain site. In most cases, you will make money if the domain name is an aged domain that still has a lot of backlinks and traffic. converting such a domain name to adsense for domain site makes money.
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    Thanks for your responds
    That means you won't make a dime if the domain name is a new domain.

    Some people promote their adsense for domain by using this method: In this case, you have to copy the the url and paste it on address bar.

    Will google still detect in this case?
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