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I have a question for you about choosing a domain name for SEO. For necessity sake I am going to be a bit vague, but I think you will see the larger question.

For example: Let's say I want to start a site about dog training and keyword research tells me that "train your dog" gets a fair amount of traffic and has reasonably low competition - but the .com address is taken (.net is available). However... the domain name "train your dog in a weekend" is available as a .com

Is it better to go with the .net address and keep the keyword string pure, or go with the .com address with the added modifiers?

Will google still index me for my intended key phrase (train your dog) if I use the longer URL?

Thanks. Your thoughts and help are appreciated.
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    I would say the pure keyword phrase .net is preferable to the added modifier .com all things being equal. Relevancy reigns supreme.
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    For pure results purposes, the .com might net you higher, but the .net will appeal to actual interested conversions more. If you get too specific with your domain name, even the least web savvy users are intuitive to know there's something wrong with your domain name.
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    Is train-dog available? I guess not. Normally, I prefer short domain name with .com even if I have to give up on my keyword.
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      Actually, what I am thinking of calling my ebook is "train your dog" in a weekend. and that is available as a .com.

      However (and here's the rub) the searches for that entire phrase are 0. But "train your dog" does very well.

      So the longer phrase is dead on the money accurate, but it won't do me any good unless I can achieve a respectable ranking on "train your dog"
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    .com, .net, .org, .co are all equal. Try to find a catchy small domain rather than a unusually lengthy domain.
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    Go with the keyword rich url. You get indexed and on the first page quicker and you dont move if you do the work needed

    Getting back in the internet world after a brief absence. Gonna re stake my claim!

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    Do not think only for the purpose of seo...think for your visitors and layman.Would it be easier to type or The latter is better so go with that and if your site is loved by Google then no matter if it is a com or net you will be on top for the keyword "train your dog".Good luck!
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      Thanks. I think the content on the site will get me good ranking. The primary key words are the same as the domain.
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