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I am in the process of creating multiple web 2.0 sites to link back to my main money site.

Since you are allowed to have as many links as you want in the article field for these sites, what is the best way of distributing your links on them?

Should you just have 1-2 links pointing to your money site on the bottom for your main keywords or should you repost the same links within the article multiple times?

Like is it better if your link is on the page more times than once or twice or does it actually hurt the link juice?

I can scatter the same links throughout the article or better just stick with the same two on the bottom of the article?

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    Hi there,

    When I build web 2.0 sites I like to have a link to my money site "above the fold", making sure that the article is written in such a way that it's a natural place for a link to appear. If it is a long article I try to squeeze another link in at about two thirds of the length as well as one at the bottom.

    You should also consider using your inner links to point to other pages in your site, to your articles or, maybe another of your web 2.0 properties to build a "link cloud".



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