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Hey Warriors,

I am changing up all my auto blogs to test out ways that work to maximize my earning potential. I am removing adsense from my blogs and gonna add some commision junction and clickbank links onto my blogs. My question is on click bank are the products they offer only link based? I was hoping to find some that have banners or some form of visual advertisement that will get the readers attention to wanna click instead of just click here. Any suggesstions??
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    It differs by product on clickbank. It depends who's running the campaign for the that product--but most of the popular clickbank products I have seen provide banner ads for its affiliates.
    Perhaps an attic I shall seek.
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      It sounds as if you have not sold a CB product before and are
      just starting out. I would leave the adsense up while you
      are selling. Adsense is a stream of revenue. CB is another
      story for people starting out.

      I am referring mostly to the terms of getting paid. You must
      have 5 (yes 5) different credit card orders before you can get
      a payment. Note these are not paypal orders. In other words,
      if you are a small player, how can you get 5 different people to
      make CC orders? There are ways...Yes it does indeed mean that
      if the first 100 sales you get are from paypal, you aint getting
      a payment. If this is the case, you can do creative things to
      get 5 different CC orders, even if it means asking friends and

      Now as far as banners and sales pages, you are in luck. Check out
      the products you like, then see if there is an affiliate link for
      resources from the seller for you to use. Many have these and
      included banners, squeeze pages, etc. But you have to visit their


      If you were disappointed in your results today, lower your standards tomorrow.

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    Some of the clickbank vendors offer graphics as well as banners for their affiliates. You need to check out their website in order to find out. You can mix Adsense with Clickbanks, there is no need to remove Adsense.
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