Semrush vs. Google Adwords Keyword Tool

by kazlas
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So, now I've came up some sort of anomaly. In google, one keyphrase is shown to get 27,100 searches in a month. In semrush, it shows exactly 2144 per month. Since this number is more specific, I have thoughts in my mind that semrush is right. I would love to believe in google (haha) but I don't really know the truth now. So, who is showing more accurate results?
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      It's one of the modules used by SEO quake - one of the most popular addons to analyze SEO competition.

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    I've found these anomalies in a number of programs.

    My solution has always been to run a quick adwords test on a low budget for a few days and use that to judge the traffic.....its not the IDEAL situation but in terms of finding out the traffic its a pretty good gauge as long as you get the ad appearing for the entire campaign.

    Other than that it would be interesting to see how SEM rush is populating their keyword data.....


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    Semrush is also a good tool but you should definitely believe Google!
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    I would stick with what google says since they are really the ones who are putting all the numbers online. SEMRUSH is a great tool and I use it quite often.
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    The advice of not trusting any keyword tools to the tee is always good to remember.

    But lately, Google Adwords Keywords Tool work very well and shockingly accurate.
    (You can check your site's impression for a given keyword in Webmasters tool, if your site is on page 1. You will notice your site's impression in page 1 and the number of searches per month are the same.)

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    I myself can only trust to Google Adwords Keyword Tool information. I don't use other applications because all of them are getting results from Google. And its clear that Google is better than them/

    I love warriorforum.

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    They are diffrence
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