How do I get better Backlinks for free?

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I was wonder do you have to pay to get the good backlinks or is there some other way that I could get good backlinks for free.
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    Create interesting, unique or useful content, in the long run, people will link to you. You can also do forum posting, blog commenting, article marketing or one of the effective method that I use is to contact blog owners directly, and tell him about your site and ask if you can get a link. You must have something interesting to offer if you choose to contact blog owners or will be a waste of time.
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    if you want to create quality links then create some unique and interesting content then use them as blogging , article , press release . apart from that you can get links from blog commenting , forums ,bookmarking and many more
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    Uhm serekesh, not to be rude or anything, but this is really not the place to plug your site.

    Anyway, I agree with shulink here. Good content is like wildfire. People will link to it because they found the content useful and they would like to go back and check it out again. For the search engine's eyes, these are natural backlinks. And you can get it all for free so long as you help people with your content.
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    go for social media optimization and social bookmarking
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    The quickest way I've found is to write articles people want to read. This creates backlinks AND traffic to your website. Go start writing.
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      Originally Posted by Joel_Cowen View Post

      The quickest way I've found is to write articles people want to read. This creates backlinks AND traffic to your website. Go start writing.
      you are right joel.......if one doesn't write the article one wants to read you can never create more backlinks
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    Article submission, good way to get free backlinks
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      Originally Posted by alex.caronet View Post

      Article submission, good way to get free backlinks
      right now trying this method...hope it will work
      Free SEO Tools For Your Website
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    A good content will always attract good links. You must focus on the quality content. I have a website with a lot of very good content. I receive a lot of trackbacks from other blogs which are posting links to my articles. The natural links, from various sources, are always better than links posted by you.
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    Yeah you can get better free back links by doing blogging but make sure that your content must be unique with proper anchor text,well optimized keywords and than promote the post on social bookmarking sites,social networking sites,directory submission,article submission,forum posting,blog commenting etc to get free back links and traffic to your site.
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    The TRUTH is... that backlinks can be found all over the web... Yes, you can find a ton of backlinks from the internet for FREE but how many people beat you to it and possibly triggered spam on the website which ruined in for legit people like you and I?

    Let me tell you, 99% of the FREEBIE backlinks found are out-dated and mostly are no longer working to the link builders advantage. You need to participate and become a member in backlinks programs that bring you new updates each month, and provide guaranteed link replacement in case your links are deleted or website changes to nofollow attributes.

    This will help your rankings improve as you are protected with backlinks.
    Overall, spend a few pennies a day to invest into your business or the people
    you are looking to provide these services for..

    I would recommend you ask the person to pay for the backlinks packages, if you are working and servicing someones website.

    If you are a website owner, you can subscribe and build your own links with backlinks packages. This will help you save money instead of paying others to do it for you.

    This is just my suggest and opinion to all other Warriors.

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      if you are looking for free then you cannot control the links that you are getting from these free resources. I buy a post on different blog with high pr and less outbound links. so this way i can control the quality and that also got me good result so far...
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    Social bookmarking

    Article submission

    Socail Networking

    Do the above to get free backlinks
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    Originally Posted by biggame5 View Post

    I was wonder do you have to pay to get the good backlinks or is there some other way that I could get good backlinks for free.
    Hi big game.. I think you would like to consider to get your backlink. The tedious part is to sign up for each of the social bookmarking site. But when its done you could simply submit your article each or everyday to get quality backlink. Hope this help you.
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    SOME of the Best ways to build Backlinks

    Good old fashioned article marketing
    -There are hundreds of article directories wating out there for you to post your articles to them. In doing so you can generate many great one way backlinks

    good- unlimited possibilities to amount of backlinks you can have. It is also free if you're the one doing all the writing

    problems- You may not be great at writing and outsourcing to a good writer could prove expensive. It could also take up a lot of time!

    Blog commenting

    -Comment on blogs that are within your niche, especially ones with 'do follow tags'.

    good- great if used on blogs with a lot of traffic, as it can get you some good quality one way links. Use this technique intelligently and you'll make it work well.

    bad- okay this is not really bad, but try not to become 'spammy' and always try to comment on things in a ways in which you're contribution is well appreciated. This technique could also be perceived as time consuming also.

    Hiring an backlink company
    - These are great if you're short on time or want great results really quickly.

    good- more often than not great results in a short period of time and less effort on your part

    bad- be careful who you give your business to and make sure that they are using good techniques- just a read of the homepage should allow you to make apt judgement to see if they know what they're talking about. The ones with exaggerated claims are often the ones that are lying I've found

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    Provide huge value to your marketplace and links will come naturally...

    Here are my favourite manual strategies and they are actually fun to do, if your following your passion...

    1. Find out where your market discussions are happening and interact. Go to Google and search for intitle: “Your Main Keyword” - then click on the link to the left called ‘Discussions’ – Find related discussions, enter the conversion, share your thoughts, and after you gain credibility, add a call to action with keyword embedded driving eyeballs back to your site. More Links will follow if you provide good value.

    2. Similar to the above, you want to find related blogs, so go to Google Blog Search and search for intitle: “Your Main Keyword”. This will highlight tons of blogs that are discussing your topic. Interact with thoughtful, useful blog comments, with ‘your name’ linking back to your site. Don’t spam your keywords. Instead build trust and credibility, and you’ll gain traffic and links in abundance.

    Hope this gives you some food for thought!!
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    I would suggest that you should do manual link building and well optimize the site its for your own good for the sake of quality backlinks and its for free.
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    Just try all the suggestions above even the smallest details will help. Good luck!
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    Always create unique as well as interesting content.Naturally you will get more number of backlinks and social bookmarking plays a significant role in getting more and more backlinks.

    And don't forget to get involved in forums and blog commenting.
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    First of all the content should be unique. Do Social marketing for your blog, Social BookMarking, RSS submission, Forum Posting give your link in signature.
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    I think if talking about competitor spying, research or however you call it, you can use not only semrush. I use Serpanalytics for such purposes.
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    if you want high quality free links then doing "creative" SEO is a key...If you are creative enough the buzz will keep going. there are many successful examples of this...

    Digital Marketing Consultant since 1998. Contact me for a free consultation.

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    Originally Posted by biggame5 View Post

    I was wonder do you have to pay to get the good backlinks or is there some other way that I could get good backlinks for free.
    Write a quality unique article and submit it to Ezine articles.

    Next rewrite slightly and submit to other article directories eg Article Base and Go Articles. Don't forget to use anchor text for your links.

    Now use Web 2.0 properties at site such as Squidoo and Hubpages, again using anchor text.

    You could build a "link cloud" using links within your articles and Web 2.0 properties.



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    You should do quality work rather you are commenting on any forum, blog or writing content for your site.
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    Originally Posted by biggame5 View Post

    I was wonder do you have to pay to get the good backlinks or is there some other way that I could get good backlinks for free.
    SEO is of different classes, if you do it yourself the cost is going to be a lot less but demanding.
    Grow your social media account, Spotify Streams, YT Views & IG Followers & More
    Software & Mobile APP Developer
    Buy Spotify, Facebook Bot & IG M/S Method
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    You can create backlinks by yourself or you can hire someone to do this job for you. You don't need to buy backlinks for getting a good ranking.

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    submit your website to free niche directories... do social bookmarking and directory submission which has a huge no. of directories and easily get approve.
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    You can do some seo techniques to get valuable free backlinks.
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    • Set up a Facebook fan page and share valuable content. Update your site with compelling posts on a regular basis. Offer to write guest posts - this is one of the best strategies for getting traffic and backlinks. Find other sites related to your niche and leave meaningful comments.
      -> Get Profile Backlinks here
      -> #1 Virtual Assistant Service Hire Your Own Virtual Assistant To Work JUST For You
      -> Ezine Articles Service Let Us Build Your Article Portfolio Today!
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    Just be sure to add unique and INTERESTING content in your blog/website and hope to get backlinks from related blogs that link to your website (if you don't have the time to build backlinks yourself) or submit to high PR directories, take part in HIGH PR forums and also write some HIGH quality articles and submit them to HIGH PR article directories (VERY IMPORTANT FOR SEO!)

    A blog that will show you How to Lose Weight with a cool Quick Weight Loss guide...
    Also enjoy some of my favorite Funny pictures and photos that will make you smile :)

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