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Learn exactly how you can successfully profit from Google Adsense.

Tip #1

When you are running an Ad Sense campaign, it is important
to make sure that you are testing all of the different
possibilities to make sure that you are getting the highest
click through rate.

For instance you cloud try placing the ads in different places
on your site and using different color combination's. Then run
one ad format for a week, then run the second format and compare
results. Better yet, test the formats simultaneously and start
getting side by side results to compare.

Just be sure to allow each test the same amount of time to work
to make sure that your results are equal.

Tip #2

Although testing is necessity, there are certain areas for
your ads that are thought to be more likely to encourage a
greater click through than others.

It is a proven fact that, one place the visitors look first on
the site is the top left position. But there are other places
to consider depending on your site design. For instance, above
the page footer and below the top-level navigation are good.
And near the middle with the main content wrapped around the ad
is thought to be optimum.

Take a look in the help files inside your Google Adsense account
and you will find the latest research plus heat maps suggesting
the best locations to place your ads.

Tip #3

Although it may seem to be a good idea, do not try to make
your ads stand out from the other content on your page.

Keep in mind that the readers did not come to your site to
click on ads, but to read the content. You should take care
to build your page around a specific topic.

This will ensure that the Adsense ads that are shown on the
page, are relevant and useful to your visitors. If the ads
blend in with the content on your site you will be more likely
to get a better click through rate on them.

Tip #4

Some people think that it is bad to put Adsense on too many
pages. But if you are going for the Adsense revenue then it
is important to give your visitors as much chance to click
through as possible.

Keep in mind that not all of them will arrive at your home page.
Especially if they have found you through the search engines.
If you don't want Adsense on all of your pages you can
concentrate on placing the Adsense ads on high traffic pages to
get the best results.

You can identify the most visited pages on your site by looking
at your site logs or even your Google Analytics account, which
will provide you with page by page details of visitors you

Tip #5

According to the Adsense terms you can place up to three ad
units on each page along with a maximum of two Google AdSense
for search boxes, a single link unit may also be placed on
each page.

You can also include two referral units from each referral
product in addition to the ad units, search boxes, and link

Be careful not to overload your page with more ads than
content. Try to create a balance that allows you to blend
your ad units in with the rest of the content. You will find
that this will help increase your click through rate.

Tip #6

Which type of ad units work better.

Google has run tests that show that; horizontal ads generally
work better than vertical ones. The idea being that the eye
is more used to reading horizontally and so is more likely
to be familiar with this layout.

It has also been suggested that the larger rectangular ads
that read horizontally will receive a higher click through.
The best way for you to find out which ad format will work
best on your site is by testing and comparing your results.

Tip #7

If you have three ad block units on your page, but you
still want more you can also add one of Google's link units
in addition to the other three units.

The link units are small blocks of links that take the reader
to a page of ads that are related to the topic of your site
in the same way that the usual text ads do.

The nice thing about link units is that they look a lot
like navigation links and can easily blend in with your
page design. This will give your visitors the impression that
they are clicking through a link on your page rather than
an ad.
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    Google Adsense is an amazing contextual advertising program that lets you earn revenue from your site by a variety of revenue generating programs. Pay per click ads, Adsense for search, referrals for Firefox with Google toolbar, Picassa, Google Pack and the adsense program itself. This is a compilation of common Google tips and tools to make more money from Google Adsense.
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    Sites accepted into the Adsense program are also required to be easily navigable, have an adequate quantity of text based content and be written in English, French, German, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Japanese, or Spanish. They may not to have excessive advertising or other contextual/competing advertising.

    If your blog is new, it may be worth waiting a few weeks or months before applying to build up traffic and content levels. Others speculate that a professionally designed, well-organized and privately hosted blog has a better chance of being accepted. The more professional and successful your blog appears the more likely it is to be accepted by Adsense.

    It is also worth saying that Adsense works best on pages with lots of text content. It only reads text in determining ads, not images so make sure you have enough relevant content
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    I am using adsense but my CTR is very low i have 2000+ page views per day but my clicks are only 10-12 per day ... I hope these tips are useful for me
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