How To Track Your Website Traffic....?

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Hey everyone... I'm curious to know what the best way is to see how much traffic you are actually getting to a website?

I've tested and installed Google analytics, Get Clicky and also checked with the Cpanel Awstats for 1 particular site of mine that ranks #1 in a niche and I get different traffic data.

So whom do I trust or what resource would be best to follow for really tracking your traffic?


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    I'm testing out Piwik (open source) and I'm liking it. Nice realtime data feed and the interface is user friendly. You can also install it to track multiple domains.
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    I do use statcounter,it's cool and offer more data and friendly interface.

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    Awstats internally, Google analytics externally.
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    AWStats (or Webalizer) will give you the best data because it's pulling it directly from your server logs. That means if people have JavaScript disabled or blocked for any reason, they are still counted. The problem with AWstats and Webalizer is they don't give you nearly the amount of tracking ability that JavaScript based solutions can give you.
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    I have Statpress Reloaded installed on most of my WP sites and I prefer to go by that. For one of my blogs Google Analytics shows ~100 visitors per month, Statpress shows ~6000-8000 visitors per month, and Awstats shows ~11,000 visitors per month.
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    I use sitemester and I have in the past used google analytics, this work quite well for me. You may want to check the spelling for sitemester, try to google the name.
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    The traffic on the various tools should be pretty close to each other. So its really a matter of which one you like better, for whatever reason. If the traffic stats you receive are very different in one or more of your accounts, you probably set it up incorrectly.

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