Does extra word in domain and title kill your ranking potential?

by ryanjm
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When choosing a small niche to attack (1k searches/mo), will it be much harder to rank if you have an extra word in the domain and title? For example, say you want to rank for "apple ipad accessory", but you make your domain and title "Apple Ipod Accessory Review." As long as you just make your anchor text "apple ipad Accessory" do you think it hurts much to have the extra word in the domain/title? Thanks.
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    A few domains I have use suffixes and they haven't ranked for the main KW as fast as exact matches. It took about 2-3x as long, but there's no way that it "kills" the ranking potential. You need don't need any matching words in the domain to rank for a term.
    Perhaps an attic I shall seek.
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    I agree with pack I do alot of local. I added my in front of my of my sites hasn't hurt them or if it does the effect is minimal.

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    Thanks. My main concern is that I can't use the exact phrase I want because it would potentially cause a trademark infringement issue (similar to the example). Anyone else that wants to chime in please feel free, even if it's a "me too, I agree."
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    I wouldn't want to risk getting the site taken down if it's going to take a ton of work to build the site unless it pays off well. Just be prepared to lose it.
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