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What's the best Idea to open a totally free website? (weebly).
How I must set it up to get a good revenue from AdSense?

I need a diagram.
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    Pretty much the same way you setup any other site. Weebly sites though are a twee bit harder to rank than exact match domains.

    I would recommend that the top spots don't have those spots locked down or you will be fighting an uphill battle. Not that it's impossible just harder.

    I would pretty much do everything you do normally when it comes to SEO for website including proper keyword research.

    Setup the site with homepage and a few other pages to draw in more traffic.

    Optimize the homepage for your keywords, get it indexed, and start building backlinks to the site until it's #1 for all the pages.

    Also might be a better idea to just buy the domain and host it could probably be up and running for like $30...then $8 a month.
    Check out deals
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    If you want money coming in you need your own website. Weebly sites get ranked only if there isn't really a competition in your nieche. In this case you don't get traffic so people don't click on those adsense links... end result: no money.
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      I disagree with the other posts in this thread.

      There are many people making good adsense money by "piggy backing" on the authority of more established sites.

      Weebly is a less popular one, and is harder to rank for then say blogger.

      There are many other revenue share websites that rank really well in google that you could submit your content to.

      There is a guy around here by the name of XsoldierX or something like that who knows this topic really well you should seek him out. I think he even has a WSO on the subject!

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    So my best option right now is the Blogger. Thank you very much guys!
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