Web Developer or Marketing Graduate??

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Which one is more suitable for online marketing job

web developer or Marketing graduate??

Some SEO techniques are non-technical but most are technical and
A good web developer can provide roughly one third of the skills you need for SEO.
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    web developer, as I am a web developer myself and learn all the seo techniques.
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    Combine both. Build sites + marketing!!! ;-)
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    I met some people, they have done MSC or MBA in Online Marketing but don't have any knowledge about Web devolving and seo techniques.
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    Originally a programmer. Programming was a little on the repetitive side with me and I wanted something a little less tangible with a little more human interaction.

    I'm doing a masters in marketing in parallel to my SEO work right now (:
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    I would stick to the business side but become competent at the technical side and outstanding at the SEO side.

    If you want to succeed in this business you have to be outstanding at the business side, outstanding on the SEO, and passably competent at the technical side.

    The problem is a formal business course will not equip you to succeed at the business level in IM it will make you suitable for paid employment in a company.

    You only learn by trying yourself analyzing the results and educating yourself in the very unique skill group you need to succeed.
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