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If I had a phrase kw that was not proper grammar but I wAnt to rank for it can I get by with using lAtent kws

Ex. How get ex back is the phrase I want to rank fo

If my article used better grammar like

How to get ex back. Or

How to get an ex back

Well am IGoing to rank.for how get ex. Ack

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    "How get ex back" competition is 370,000 pages. I don't think you will rank for this keyword.

    This is top10:


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    What kind of software (or what was the name of that thing you use) above?

    Its kinda look great for KW research... Can you share that with us?
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    Its Market Samurai and picture above is from SEO Competition module (paid)

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    Sorry I was just using that as an example. I had a few articles declined because I used a keyword that had bad grammar

    I am asking can you rank for a kw by writing articles to slight variation of that kw

    Ie. Adding a verb like is or an adjective like an so that the phrase makes sense if you can't actually use the long tail kw you want to rank for

    If I don't have the exact kw in the title , first paragraph etc can I actually rank for it simply by tagging it and using these lei phrases

    Or. Do you simply have to try ways to make the exact phrase work and be approved at era

    Tx again
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    As far as I know, Google does not ignore those little words you might put into a keyword to make it make sense. However, they DO ignore some punctuation, like periods, colons, and paragraph breaks.

    When you're confronted with a strange keyword phrase, like "recipes corn chowder" or "web designer Michigan," you can often work them in without sounding like a dolt just by breaking them up across sentences or even paragraphs. So you might write

    When it comes to making a good first impression on potential customers, you can't do better than hiring a professional web designer. Michigan-based Web Architects specializes in blah, blah, blah...
    You can test what punctuation this works with by typing a search phrase into Google both with and without the punctuation and comparing the results.

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