How Do You Use Social Bookmarking Ethically?

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Most of the time, I see people bookmarking (SB) their sites using SB sites: 125 Social Bookmarking Sites : Importance of User Generated Tags, Votes and Links | Search Engine Journal

I also know about Bookmarking Demon. But I am not comfortable with the idea of spamming so many links directly to the "money site", despite bookmarking 5 links a day. I am also not comfortable about spamming many links (hundreds) to the backlink articles that lead to money site. People call this backlinking your backlinks, aka 2nd layer of links.

I'm pretty sure Google can see everything that is linking to a site. Even beyond the 2nd layer of links.

So tell me guys, how do you use social bookmarking?

I have also heard about backlinking each EzineArticle to raise its PR, using SB.
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    Pretty sure if you're submitting any of your own stuff it is not ethical.

    The actual idea behind social bookmarking is you find something funny, entertaining, important so you share it with the masses. If you're after any sort of traffic, exposure or backlinks than you are not white hat here.
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    I think it's more than fine to add your own bookmarks to one account. Beyond that, it's not legit. What does work is joining the community and finding people interested in your niche and send your link to them, if they like it you can really make out.
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