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I've seen so many people who have trouble ranking their sites or staying ranked without a lot of constant backlink work. Well listen up cause I am going to tell you how I outranked sites with 150+ backlinks with my meager 17 backlinks.

Proper on page SEO is very important and I don't mean just keyword stuffing. If you are doing massive backlinking but find you are getting nowhere then I am willing to bet that this will definitely help.

Besides using your keywords every 100 words of so, you need to utilize some other on page SEO tactics like using anchor texts, alt tags and proper use of categories and tags.

When you use your keywords to create categories and tags you are creating links within your site, Google looks highly on this as it makes your site more relevant to your specific topic and the keywords being searched. It creates links within your site that link to your pages and posts. It's like a mini link wheel within your site. Also by using your keywords as alt tags for your pics and images you will effectively have more relevant keywords on your page without over stuffing the main content. You should NEVER have a pic without keywords used as alt tags. Using anchor text for certain words or to direct customers to a relevant page within your site is another way to get more keywords into your pages and posts that link to other pages and posts, which again, is GOOD.

I don't know what effect each of these has on their own or if they all contribute to better rankings. All I know is my site went from not even being on any of the 79 pages for my keywords to page 38 in one week, page 15 the next week and then page 2 and page 1 in the last week.

Because it is a new site, it is now fluctuating in between page 1 and 2 right now, so I will do a little more backlinking to be sure it finds it's final resting place on page 1 in spot number 2 where it stayed for about 2 weeks when it first got there.

These were not easy keywords to rank for, I was told it would take 6 months of tedious backlinking and promoting to get anywhere, but with only 17 backlinks and no work after that, the site did the rest on it's own. I have not touched it in over a month now after my initial on page seo work. At first all I did was RSSbot submission, a couple of manual social site and blog/site directory submissions and writing 1 article and submitting to top 10 article sites. Very little work, I didn't even get into my other promoting strategies as I ended up starting a more lucrative project and left this site alone for a while.

For those who are wondering the keywords were "Ping Golf Clubs". It was prob not the best niche to market and I don't expect to outrank the main manufacturer any time soon, but the numbers were higher than what a niche marketer would normally go for and I wanted to see how hard it would be to rank.

I would be interested in hearing your thoughts on proper on page seo as well and any other suggestions that might help others.
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