What is Google Dance?

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I am new to the SEO field. I heard about the term GOOGLE DANCE. Can any body explain me what this means?
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    It's not the Google Dance you should be worried about - That's just when your rankings vary from day to day until you normally end up in a certain position...

    What you want to watch out for is the Google SLAP!
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    It's when your website suddenly move from 1st page (or your current page) from google search result to some 68th or XXth page. and sometime after that your page placed where google think it's relevant (maybe 1st page again).
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      Google dances when it is happy and slaps when it is angry.

      Well, Google dances with joy when it sees that your new site has started doing well. At times it places it very high up (gleeful with joy) and at other times it calms down and pulls your site down. Lol, I'm kidding about the joy, calmness and anger but I hope you know what I mean. Your site jumps up and down. And then Google would finally settle the rank when it decides how good or bad you are.

      Google slap is different when it hates and deindexes your website or plummets your website's rank in spite of it appearing to have settled.
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        Originally Posted by FredJones View Post

        Google dances when it is happy and slaps when it is angry.
        Lol...this is the best description of Google's behavior.
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        LOL - I like your definition of the "Google Dance" the BIG G can definitely have good days and bad just like humans and you never know when that day might be. Oh the joys of SEO and consistently dancing with Google.
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          Google dance is when the servers are updating your ranking.

          The reason that they dance is to confuse and mitigate the attempts of SEO's like ourselves to crack the code by seeing immediate results in the SERPS.

          It's a lot like when you enter a password wrong a certain number of times, you are locked out and cannot try again. The extra few minutes makes it impossible to just demon dial the password until it is correct.

          Same goes for this.

          Usually Google dance is a good thing. They typically will pull you out of the rankings, then back in at a higher ranking as a result of link building. Or at least that has been my personal experience.

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            Put your right foot, put your left foot in...

            Crap, that's the wrong dance.

            My Bad.
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              I still experience this annoying dance!
              Have two sites that are up for 3 months and they were on page 1 for quite some time. Now they are both gone....what is that about?

              One time, one of these sites was on page 1, then gone, then back on page one on 4th place, and now it's gone again!!!

              Anyone knows what's going on? Google haven't decided where to index both sites?

              Thank you.
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          Lol I love this one too

          Originally Posted by megawire View Post

          Oh the joys of SEO and consistently dancing with Google.
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    Thanks for telling me about Google Dance! Its a nice question.
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    Well, it's really just a fun phrase for when Google updates its index. This occurs regularly, once a month, and can cause a lot of movement in rankings, meaning that it's come to be feared by many in the SEO industry and anticipated by others. The update isn't just one sudden switch, though, as each index update takes several days to complete. During this update the searches seem to 'dance' between the old index and new index - that's the Google dance.
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    Did you guys ever get that product Google Slapper? What a name!
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    google dance is nuthn but rapid variation of serp rankings.
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    Google dance is the index update Google. It refers to the significant movement in search results like your serp changes from 6 to 160 over night.
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    It's an outdated term as google changed the way they updated there serps many years ago. I'd have to check my history book, but I'm thinking it was somewhere around 2004, maybe earlier. The bottom line is the explanations you have received thus far are incorrect.

    EDIT: oops I do need to correct my statement as I skipped over an actual good response from RegalWeb.

    The link he provided was spot on so at least one person gave you a good resource for a correct definition.
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    Google Dance is when google is changing its algorithm from time to time.
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    Its a just a timely change of algorithm by google to maintain their credibility of SERP rankings.
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    Google Dance is often used to describe the index to update the Google search engine. update the Google index occurs on average once a month. I can detect significant movements in the search results and in particular Google cache of all indexed pages.
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    In google results are fluctuation called google dance.
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