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I have found out recently that where I've gotten this thing all wrong is my lack of understanding proper keyword research. So thankfully someone has taken their time to help me out and show me (and you know who you are ) how to do proper keyword research. Thanks for that!

But now I find myself do I find the keywords? What methods do you use to help yourself generate a niche or long tail keywords? Do you just look around and see objects and amongst you and look them up or is there a better science to it than that? That seems very time-consuming.
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    hi, The keyword research is the most important thing in SEO for a website. The keyword is totally depends upon your site and the services and products you are deploying online. Always just try to find the keyword related to the niche and can gather niche traffic for your website. Keywords can be long tail or can be short but don't worry take time to research and then make a complete with it.
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    I do this:
    enter my keywords in Google adwords keyword tool, then i go to a domain checker and enter those keywords to get domain ideas. Then i choose some of them. I think this method works for you too.

    I love warriorforum.

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    Use Google Adword tool or search related keyword to your site on google and analyze it..
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    google insight, google trend, amazon, ebay

    no way you cant brainstorm a new niche with these sites in hand!!
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    Wouldn't such keyword research like monthly search volume help in your decision? i.e. 1000 searches a month is better than 10? That would be a determining factor for me.
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    basic one: clickbank, google tend, insight, amazon, ebay, twitter, buzz

    look at some popular magazines, but you have to take risk for new keywords which may not have decent search volume.

    but i always use some other more nasty techniques...
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