How to make a full time living with PPC?

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I'm looking for the answer. I have heard of many Black Hat systems but they get banned. I have heard of Double Meta Refresh Code. Has any one else heard of this? Does it work? I'm looking for the system that I can buy traffic with a CTR that is real and won't get banned. Does anyone have a WSO or insider information on how this works? I have spoken to other that sale this service but will not sale the method. I'm looking for a white or gray hat that will not get me banned. It will work with all PPC companies, and it will pay better for higher paying keyword. I'm also looking for something consistent. I want 10,000 impressions daily with 500 clicks on my site. I will expect to pay for this service and I don't want black hat. If anyone has any ideas on how this works, please PM me or leave a reply.

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