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Im trying to sell some SEO/CPA websites and I dont know where to go to do this. Can anyone help because Im trying to sell it fast.
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    I've never done it, but is a really popular place.
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      hmm alright Ill check it out right now. Anymore suggestions?
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    Unless your sites have traffic/income proof, they're not likely to sell for much on Flippa these days, and it will cost you $19 per listing. You'll also need to wait until your auction finishes, and that depends on how long you set it for.

    There's a Sites for Sale thread here on Warrior Forum, and if you listed all the sites for sale in one post for $20. Still no guarantee they'll sell though.
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    if these sites have traffic and are profitable you should have no problem selling them on a marketplace like DP


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    Hello, i am interested in buying. Please send me details.
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      A few people told me to make a blog and auction it off on there.

      Hope this helps!
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    You have just done it here
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      well I cant PM but I have 3 sites for $3000

      -They are all indexed
      -I have 3 low competition high search volume keywords per site (I only starting building links to these KWs last week and Im already in the top 1000 google for them) and I will give them 2 you
      -They all monetize off of CPA (clickbank and markethealth)
      -Continuing SEOing to be number one in google in Id say 1-2 weeks with consistent SEO (outsourcing is the best way and I will help if you need it)
      -Also I will give you my personal link building plan which I used to get these ranked to quickly on these key terms (high search low volume "money" keywords)

      Im currently SEOing them and its hard for me to let them go but I have an emergency and I need the money fast.

      just reply on this forum if you can help me out with this thank you
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