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Posting on classified ads has become an increasing trend in the online world. It helps to attract more traffic to a website, in a good way and it can also let readers know who you are. In order to benefit from classified ads, you must make sure that you post ads for your new site and also to submit these ads in social bookmarking sites. There are two ways to go about this and one is through guide submission, while the other is automated submission. By posting in classified ads, you can attract thousands and thousands of potential readers. What is your opinion on classified ads? Do you think it will work to drive traffic to your site?
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    Google always prefer manual submission and I also suggest you for manual submission. Firs of all you have to post your ad in classified sites and thereafter share it on Social Network like Facebook and Twitter.
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    Yes, Recently classifieds ads submission or advertisement are famous between online users and sites. classified ads generate lot of traffic for particular site. So try it for top ranking.
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    Classifieds are good way to generate traffic but you have to share your ads on various places , try to describe your site or proucts , include your site in it.
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    Classifieds Ads will help you to increase the traffic of a website.It also helps you to increase the online business
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  • Classified ads can help you get targeted traffic, build links, and gain popularity online. They can increase your visibility exponentially. Another advantage is their cost effectiveness. There are many sites that allow users to post classified ads for free.
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    The side effect of classified ads is of course the links from high authority sites, many of the leading classifieds ads sites have a great home page PR.

    So get a link on your ad page and make sure you get that page indexed by Google.

    Im all for making the most of every page you create online


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    I have to be honest, classified ads can take up a ton of your time with little to no reward. Unless you have a plan laid out for how you're going to use them, then you are probably wasting your time. If its automated, have at it, but it better only be a fraction of your promotion.
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    Classified ad help us to increase web traffic and to sell service on the internet and it increases visitors in the website.
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  • Classified Ads is very much used for advertising your most valuable products or service all over the world by submitting Advertisements about your product or services on general Classified Ads publishing sites.
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    Yes, it generate more and more traffic now a days.
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    Posting on classified is an effective to bring both traffic and users for a website.
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      If you pay attention to your copy / call to action, it can be a potent lead gen avenue.

      The good ol' craigslist is life/blood for one of our sites
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