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Hi, I'm a regular reader of the warrior forum, and have learnt tons of stuff from here. I've tested a few things and wanted to verify it here on the forum, but have not seen this discussed on any thread, as far as I know.

Most SEO experts tell the regular folk to do something or the other, and try to reach the #1 position in SERPs. And then we know what happens, we're supposed to see tons of traffic overnight, especially if its a high traffic keyword. But how many of you have actually experienced it in reality?

I own a site about relationships, and have obtained at least 25 keywords on page 1 of google, of which at least 5 of the keywords are #1 in google SERPS. Its a relatively new website, only around four months old, and I'm getting around 800 to 1000 UVs through google SERPS per day. It's a good growth rate, from what I know. I started out with 5 SERPS per day in the first month and have been shooting up in a certain growth curve.

But here's the tricky part, just those five #1 keywords of mine are supposed to bring in at least 50,000 SERPs per month each. That's two hundred and fifty thousand SERPS per month with these five keywords alone. And I have at least 1000 other indexed articles on the website.

So it's quite ridiculous that I get only 800 to 1000 visitors through SERPs per day, when I should be getting much higher [even if i have a low click through rate]. But what I've noticed is that I'm climbing constantly at a rate of 800% to 900% every month in the SERPs, no matter what I do with links or with additional content.

I've heard from a few SEO guys too that google actually plays with websites. I mean, Google allots a certain number of click-throughs for certain keywords for each website, and you just can't climb higher than that. It can only grow gradually. If you get 5 clicks for a keyword on day one, there's no way you can get 5000 clicks for the same keyword on the second day. The keywords are apparently taken off keeping IP's in mind!! But it doesn't make sense. Can anyone else justify this?

People don't discuss this, but i see it happening all the time. My click throughs for keywords do grow, but not the way it's supposed to as per Adwords keyword checker, not even a small percent.

How does it work? If you do see big authority sites whorush or any other chart, you always see a steep growth curve at some point and then, there's no looking back for those sites, and they go on to get 30k and above SERPs per day. What's the story here?

Do you see this trend? Is there a way of working around this?
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    Thank,s for sharing this information
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    Thanks for your great post, I learned a lot of thing from it..
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  • I dont think Adwords keyword tool is precise with its estimate of searches on a word.
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      As of now every SEO Enginner is using only Google Adwords keyword tool and it is simple and powerful tool to use.
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    Thanks. very useful information for seo.
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    Sure there is a way...own more than one slot on the first page...but that would require more websites...
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