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hi warriors,
i am still new and have been quite confused on the SEO thing.

hope anyone can provide me some guidance and advise here.

i just start doing IM recently for less than 1 month and been trying to create a blog on a niche. i researched and found some low competitors and about 500 to 1000 searches per month keywords. I gather a few with not many search counts around 500/ per month only but with extremely low competitors (less than 500 with quotes around).
so i start to write around these keywords and been trying to rank for them.
i put these keywords each in the title on each of my blog post, and in the first sentence of my posts and just write about some related information.
then i ping my blog, submit RSS, and social bookmark the site.
after about 24 hrs, i can indeed see that my site is indexed in google after i check using the site: formula. but when i put the "keyword" into the search engines, i am not able to find my blog at all. there are only about 20 pages of competitors for 1 particular keyword but i am not able to find my blog for this keyword search. i am confused as although my site is already indexed, but i am unable to find the blog with my keyword, not mentioning trying to rank on the first page..
hope anyone can provide some advise on this.. thks a lot..
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    SEO posts should be posted in the SEO forum...

    Adsense / PPC / SEO Discussion Forum

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    ohh ok thks will shift my post
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      Are you doing basic on page SEO? Have you tried using keyword? Have you used Google Adwords Keyword Tool to see what keywords are relevant to your page?
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        Originally Posted by dburk View Post

        Are you doing basic on page SEO? Have you tried using keyword? Have you used Google Adwords Keyword Tool to see what keywords are relevant to your page?

        Very useful tool!
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        Originally Posted by dburk View Post

        Are you doing basic on page SEO? Have you tried using keyword? Have you used Google Adwords Keyword Tool to see what keywords are relevant to your page?
        hmm.. i am confused. i can see my page when i use the keyword command on google. then can't see the page when i use the "keyword" command on google..
        so what's wrong with my page or am i doing something wrong here?
        if google have indexed my page based on the keyword, but i can't find it using the "keyword" search command on google.. i am really struck here in this seo thing..

        meanwhile i will wait for a few days and see if the page will show up. i will try to bookmark the other blogposts too to see if it helps.
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    You mentioned you have only been doing IM for about a month. That being the case I assume your site is very new. Sometimes it just takes a while to get any kind of ranking. I have sites that start to get traffic almost immediately and others that can take weeks if not months. It depends a lot on your keywords and how competitive the niche is.

    Take "home loans" for example. It's extremely competitive. Lets say you find a keyword with no competition like "home loan in colorado springs colorado". If you take a look at the competition for very similar keywords like ""home loan in colorado" you will see that (just as an example) the number two spot has almost 2000 backlinks to the interior page that is optimized for that keyword and almost 200,000 backlinks to the home page of that sames site. In cases like this, even if you have a specific phrase with zero competition, it's going to take a while to rank.

    And then there is the on page optimization factor as well, but my guess is you added all the right tags etc. Also, if you add to many backlinks all at once it is likely to trigger one of google's filters and you will be temporarily sent to the send box, but you will likely pop out again within a few weeks or months. it's just par for the course with new sites.

    If none of those things apply, I'd say its just a matter of waiting and adding more content so that you continue to improve your PR with the serps.
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    Hi Johnny, thks for your advise.
    But i am confused on one thing as to i am not checking on the page ranking of the keyword for one of my blog post page, but just checking on whether my blog did exists on google based on the keyword.
    When i put quotes around the keyword like ( "keyword" ) and search on google, i cannot find my blog, and there are only less than 5 sites that google returns (however there is a feed of my blog in the search results).
    Then i used the keyword command, and google returns 2-3 results showing my blog and my blogposts..
    also, if i use the command keyword, does that already means that my blog post is optimized with the keyword (as google did return the site).
    or by using the command search "keyword" on google (with quotes on keyword), if google returns my site means the site is optimized with the keyword mentioned?
    is there a difference in the results that google shows when we use the commands:
    1) keyword
    2) "keyword"
    3) "keyword" directing enter onto google search

    will there be a scenario when my site shows up in the search results from 1) an 2) but don't exist when i used 3)
    does that means that my site or the particular page involved is still not optimized with the keyword thus google doesn't returns search results for 3)
    but i am not checking on the ranking, just checking on the showing up in the search results..
    any helpful advise on this will be appreciated.. thks all..
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    Sorry, I', not understanding all of that. How old is the site and how competitive is your niche? My guess is that you just need to wait it out a little longer.

    I have seen it happen with a new site that if I search site: I may show my site but when I put the keyword in quotes and search it I get nothing. I can't tell you all the exact reasons this happens but it is just part of googles indexing process. Bottom line is that if you are not doing anything shady and your content is original, you will get indexed.

    if you are using your keyword in your title, a few times within the body and within your tags, and you get some backlinks pointing back with keyword rich anchor text, you will do well in relation to the competition.
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      Hi iMerickz,

      The problem is simple, you need more links from relevant websites. Be sure to use your keywords in the anchor text and deep link to the most relevant pages on your site. Get those links and you will see your page begin to show in the results.

      Before you put all this effort into this, you may want to verify that the keyword term gets a fair amount of searches, else it will not bring you traffic.
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    Thanks all..
    I think I am beginning to understand..
    If my site is indexed in google, it doesn't mean that it will be indexed on my keywords right? Am I correct?
    So I have to make sure my page is fairly optimized based on the keyword for the on-page optimization, and also have to take care of the off-page SEO.
    then will my page get indexed based on whatever keywords i am targeting. Am I correct on this?

    By the way, I keep hearing stuff like being sandboxed by google, how can I check whether my site is penalized by google a not? Because I have done some social bookmarking using some automation software, and I am not sure if this kind of mass social bookmarking will affect the site.
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    The main factor is that time since you have been indexed... As indexing can be done in just one day but it needs 2-3 months to get a good ranking in the SE's(organic opt).
    The other thing you can also use the other formula i.e keywords. this would might give you more good results.....
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